How to execute vyos commands using perl script?

Detail :
I want to run vyos command in perl scrit but i dont know to to do it.

Hello everybody!
Let me know how i can contact admin of group,
it will be nice if we can update links

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The project seems really inactive over social networks - however there is still a bunch of cool guys hanging out on #vyos at freenode. :)

Also - PSA - 1.1.7 is out with the fix for the glibc bug:

1.0.5 security release
1.0.5 release images are available for download from, and soon will be available from mirrors when they sync.
TrustedSec demonstrated a successfull attack on dhclient that used the shellshock vulnerability for...

is there any vyattaguard implementation in vyos system?
i'm trying to implement a restful api to configure and manage vyatta/vyos router and i need it to add transparent mode https filtering service in webproxy stuff

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I did it :-)

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I have this running since 2012 and always wanted to write a how-to. Here it is.

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This is / was based on vyatta VC / VCE but should still be true for the current #VyOS release.
Not su sure about the diff files, so you should check manually.
Will Update for #VyOS releases  asap.

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