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Toriko: Anime or Manga 
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ah this place :) ~ I plan to change a few things soon to hopefully get more people posting here ~ it should happen soon, whenever I get time to use the computer or whenever I've been brought back to life :D

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If you haven't already done so, Follow the official Viz Media Facebook page. 
They release daily information about upcoming releases, what they have released during the month and so much more.

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Battle Royale Angels' Border 
After further research this is all I could find ; "In 2011, a two chapter spin-off manga titled Battle Royale: Angels' Border was drawn by Mioko Ohnishi and Youhei Oguma (each drawing one chapter). They were published in Young Champion Magazine and later combined into one volume on January 20, 2012."

Sounds interesting, I'd love to find out what the plot is about.
The cover is certainly drawing me into buying it ;3

Viz Media's Facebook (where I got the picture):

I want Future Diary to be picked up by an other publisher... I want it in manga form! 

Anyone recommend any manga/anime series? - On an unrelated side note, I will be uploading Episode 8 of "The Amazing Asian Adventures" soon, and it contains a small manga haul spoiler UZU spoiler

Welcome!  Feel free to post your thoughts!
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