I highly doubt there will be another beta program before G+ dies

Just sayin 😁😆😁😀😆😂🤣

Any time frame on the Q beta?

Can someone please help me? I've been stuck in the the 8.0 beta for months it isn't letting me update to the public version and I feel like my phone is running slow because of it. Please help

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Your attention please.

1) The Android Beta Program is over with the public release of Android 9 (Pie) on August 6. As this community is only concerned with the beta release, any ongoing questions/issues/concerns/complaints with regard to the stable release should instead be directed to the Pixel User Community: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!forum/phone-by-google

2) This community only supports Google devices. It is up to each manufacturer to update their own devices. Google can't update a Samsung device any more than Samsung could update an HTC one. If you have questions or concerns about updates for your non-Google device then you need to contact the manufacturer of your device. We can't help you here.

3) Yes, Google+ is going away - in August 2019. That's plenty of time for Google to decide where future beta releases will be supported, and we won't know those plans until Google announces them. There's no need to panic now. (Besides, as mentioned above, this community should really be dormant until the next beta starts up anyway.)

4) This isn't your Instagram. Please don't post selfies here.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated! This community just has too many members to be able to tolerate off-topic posts.
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Just want to make sure that everyone is aware that G+ is eventually going away, so if you continue to have questoins that are not related to this community, you are going to have to find somewhere else to ask.

And, interestingly, if you do have questions that ARE related to this community, you will probably need to find another place as well.

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Ok, again it happens to me that I do not have a feed with the October patch, has anyone had problems?

Quick question, since Google+ is shutting down, where will this community be? +John Bowdre

Any word on any kind of Android 9.1 beta? Will that be the version running on the Pixel 3 and 3 XL?

I installed android 9 beta ... I am not getting official update

Exaggerated battery consumption
After the last update on pixel 1, I noticed a large battery consumption.
Has anyone noticed the same thing?
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