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Hello Android Beta Fans,

We are rolling out an update to Android 8.1, the last before the final launch to consumers in December to Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. We will start the rollout of OTAs today. All currently enrolled Beta devices will receive an OTA update notification automatically.

What’s in this update?

A number of bug fixes, happy to announce that a few major bugs from the last update have been fixed!
- Bluetooth battery indicator being black on dark mode and hard to see
- 5X audio not playing through device speakers

Also, for Pixel 2 users, the Android 8.1 update on these devices enables Pixel Visual Core ( -- Google’s first custom-designed co-processor for image processing and ML -- through a new developer option. Once enabled, apps using Android Camera API can capture HDR+ shots through Pixel Visual Core. See the release notes ( for details.

Please take a look at the Android developer site ( for more information.

We value your feedback and look forward to hearing your experience with the latest O Beta in the Android Beta g+ community.

Prithi on behalf of Android Beta

OTA from DP2 to public build (December 2017 patch) is being distributed today for 5X and 6P devices, don't forget to quit Beta program after "updating". Check for update in settings menu.

Upgrading a Nexus 5X through this 20 MB OTA triggers a FACTORY RESET. Don't accept if you don't have the time to setup the device again, you can install the factory image (removing the -w in the script), but unlocking/locking the bootloader also leads to a factory reset...

I am currently experiencing Wifi problems on my Google Pixel Android 8.1.0 Beta. I am experiencing some lag with my Wifi resulting in some apps or web pages not loading.

Please think before posting. Just because you have a new feature on your phone, camera, or whatever, doesn't automatically mean it is related to any OS beta program. Do some research before wasting people's time.

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Sometimes when I swipe down on the notification bar at the top I get a partially formed display. Latest beta, not previous one. Doesn't always happen, can't determine why / when it will happen

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Just wanted to let you all know, this is the Android N way of getting to update not the Android O, it is: Settings> System> Update... Whoever manages the beta update website. I am sure that if we are opting into Beta that we have knowledge of how the Android OS works but just in case 😎

I was enrolled in the Oreo beta on my Nexus 6P. After I enrolled and had the beta installed and received a couple of updates, I rooted the device and installed an alternate recovery app (I did this for reasons unrelated to the beta).

I recently decided to un-root the device, reinstall stock and lock the bootloader so I could use Android Pay and some other apps that won't work on rooted device.

I wiped the device and installed 8.1 from the stock images. That wen't perfectly and the phone is working great.

Now I need to unenroll from the beta, but when I click the button on the beta page, it reminds me that unenrolling will wipe my data (which I already did once on the 8.1 install).

Is there a way to request to be un-enrolled without having to wipe the phone?


I recently got the pixel 2 xl, registered for beta program, still not received anything I am still at Android 8.0.0 and November security update

I have checked the update daily, still, nothing has been received, any ideas ?

Are bug reports supposed to be automatic. I ask because more than once I will get a pop-up notifying me that something in Android has gone off the rails and a bug-report is being generated. It then gives me a few choices of how to send the bug report but when I select email, it just send the report to me. I assume it's intended for Android development not me the end user because I have no sources to compare the crash assuming the symbol tables in Beta are still there. Is the report supposed to have a Google email address in the To: field instead of mine?

I came off dp2 and unenrolled from beta and factory reset and still am on 8.0. Pixel XL. What gives?
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