I'm trying to watch youtube videos and it crashed on me twice, are fixing this issue 

Are we gonna get VoLTE for nexus 6P in 7.1.2? (INDIA)

When do you think is the next beta release Nexus 5x?

They should make double press power button to turn on Google assistant

Hey community,
I have 4 problems with the new release:
- my battery life became a 3 h or less problem on normal use
- the WiFi refused to switch of off
-Bluetooth switches on off randomly, and
-airplane mode is normal use without mobile data.... Any suggestions? (I wanted to use airplane mode to save battery because I forgot my charger home and needed some more juise for the rest of the day... Yeah that didn't work)

Google asks to verify with 2-verification tapping in the very same device that was looked. Infinite loop. For log in.

I was in an infinite logging loop until I hit "having trouble?" So a message was sent to me.

I can imagine, in case where I hadn't pass it, I couldn't receive any update, any email from Gmail, ... My Google account would be useless.

This bug is terrible, and I hope that's because it was on the beta program. If not, it is intolerable!

Я хочу установить новую версию Андроида 

My Google assistant became slow and less responsive after installing the 7.1.2 version

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