Môj nexus 5X po aktualizácii z october/17 nedostal žiadnu bezpečnostnú záplatu a v beta programe mám hlásenie že, nemám žiadne vhodné zariadenie na registráciu. Čo mám robiť?

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I'm still enrolled in the beta program, could it be something related to that?
Just rebooted and found this bug reports section on the file manager. Never seen it before. Anyone else has it as well?

I have a nexus 6p and I left beta program and updated the public version of Android 8.1 since then my google assistant is unable to recognise songs it shows that it can't identify songs yet .....any solutions to get access to this feature

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I don't know what is happening in my Nexus. Suddenly in a shock that type pages showed up again and again, its not stopping, can any one have any idea about that?

So I was enrolled in the beta. Now that Oreo is public, Google wants to install it on my phone and all my data will be lost.

So this is the thanks I get for helping them out with the beta? That's fantastic, Google. Why the hell didn't you tell me this before I enrolled.

When my phone rings, it will just vibrate, no sound. I have to re start the phone for it to work again. This happens about every 2 days after re starting the phone. Very annoying.

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Previously applied for 8.1.0 beta and then cancel the test Check Updated and then forgot to update Now want to return to the previous version Found that the test version is gone (g.co/androidbate) How to cancel? The phone is nexus5x
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My Nexus 5X is stuck on preview 2 with the November patch. I go to unenroll and it's says I don't have any devices eligible! Help

I did a factory reset on my Pixel XL and when I go to register for the beta, it says "Unfortunately, there are no eligible devices associated with this Google account." but when I go to my account, I clearly see my device
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