The Breakup

The time has come for us to part.
Confronting true feelings
That have been weighing on my heart.
Finally deciding to
Walk off the dance floor.
This back an forth tango
I refuse to do anymore.
I say, "goodbye"
To all negative energy.
This breakup has been long overdue.
The new love of my life
Is peace of mind and no longer you.

-Rebecca Skylar™

Hello! My name (obviously) is Carina. I _love _ writing, and I love meeting other people who like writing. I'm currently working on two stories, one fantasy, one steampunk. I hope to have them both done by the end of August this year (2016). I write 500 words a day for each of them, but that number is gradually growing.


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Hey, my friend started a community and I'm trying to get some attention to it. It's for art, music, writing, and recently add photography.
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