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MDA & UML: great bedfellows


I am studying UML Profiling and, from what was explained to me and what I found on the Internet, I cannot understand what should become a stereotype.

Could you explain to me what should become a stereotype?

For example, I discovered, while develping a sequence diagram with some examples, that an actor needs an attribute (in my case, it is "priority"). Is it correct to consider it as a stereotype (in my case, a visitor at level M1 and his stereotype would be "...something" with tag "priority")?

Could you be so kind to make some basic example?

Thank you a lot,

Hello community, I need your help, I am looking for a tool which helps me to create diagrams of my REST API's.

I don't have any idea about how to create a diagram of REST API's and what tool would be useful.


I am looking forward your answers. :D

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Data Flow Diagram.. with examples

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Snow Flower Text can quickly describe the diagram of the UML in a text editor.
PlantUML can use without additional installation, you can adjust the immediately editing environment.
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