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Welcome to my new members. Hope you enjoy this community!

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USERS I, II, III, and IV...the superhero series you've been waiting for is finally here...
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SUBJECT: Environmental Conservation & Protection
Make a splash with "Spot" a sea pup! Learn about the beautiful creatures that inhabit our oceans & why we need to protect our planet! Great book for teachers & parents to help kids understand 'responsibility matters'. For Ages 3 - 7, K-2
Spot: A Sea Pup's Survival Guide #childrensbooks #kindergarten #oceans #ocean #ecology #protectourplanet #spotaseapup #friendlyplanetclub #teachers #sealion #animals #momblog #marinelife

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Gladys Glasses by
Henry E. Pacheco
Anti-bullying children's book about kids who wear glasses. Pacheco wrote this book for his daughter when she was getting teased at school. Way to go Dad. 😁

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Thrilled to reveal the brand new cover of Eagle Breaker (The Tale of Eaglefriend—Book Two) and want to shout a big THANK YOU to the many kind readers who have picked up Book 1. Huge thanks as well to those who generously contributed to my Kickstarter.

I'm offering signed First Edition Paperbacks of Books 1 & 2 at

Three months after battling the Tyrant Prince and his armies, Morlen Eaglefriend has finally found his place in the world. But when a deadly woman from a treacherous mountain clan rumored to torture eagles into submission captures his dear companion, Roftome, he embarks on a quest more terrifying than any he has yet undertaken.

Going alone into the Mountains of the Lost, Morlen treks an uncertain path through hostile forces that embody the grimmest legends. Worst of all are the Pyrnaq—wretched, twisted corruptions of the free eagles they once were, and their overwhelming presence is a constant reminder of the terrible fate that he must spare Roftome at all costs.

Despite the absence of their two strongest allies, King Verald and his sister Lady Valeine lead the Eaglemasters on a massive campaign to finally wipe the Ferotaur Wildlands clean of their ancient enemies. But as they delve deeper into the overrun wasteland, they hear whispers of a watchful evil that their presence might soon unleash.

On the opposite corner of the world and threatened on every side, Morlen soon finds that his only hope is to unite with one of the fierce ghouls he fought in his first adventure. And as the days pass into weeks, and months, he grows more afraid whether the end of his long journey will bring him face to face with the friend he lost, or… with something else.

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The Book of Madness and Cures:
by Regina O'Melveny
Poet becomes novelist
I had read Regina's poetry so my first impression of her book was how poetic it was especially in her choice of words and how she used them to create images. I also noticed Italians use the letter z a lot more than Americans do, mostly in names. I am impressed that the author challenged gender stereotypes by having the main character be a doctor, something unheard of during the Renaissance. The author's research is so thorough in all areas of that time that I know some would doubt the existence of a female doctor, but I do not. This book will capture readers who are into history and appreciate sophisticated English. I look forward to more novels by Regina O'Melveny.

Dr. Gabriella Mondini, a strong-willed, young Venetian woman, has followed her father in the path of medicine. She possesses a singleminded passion for the art of physick, even though, in 1590, the male-dominated establishment is reluctant to accept a woman doctor. So when her father disappears on a mysterious journey, Gabriella's own status in the Venetian medical society is threatened. Her father has left clues--beautiful, thoughtful, sometimes torrid, and often enigmatic letters from his travels as he researches his vast encyclopedia, The Book of Diseases.

After ten years of missing his kindness, insight, and guidance, Gabriella decides to set off on a quest to find him--a daunting journey that will take her through great university cities, centers of medicine, and remote villages across Europe. Despite setbacks, wary strangers, and the menaces of the road, the young doctor bravely follows the clues to her lost father, all while taking notes on maladies and treating the ill to supplement her own work.

Gorgeous and brilliantly written, and filled with details about science, medicine, food, and madness, THE BOOK OF MADNESS AND CURES is an unforgettable debut.

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Earth Strike by : First Defense
By KJ Jordan
Earth Strike is an action-packed, fast-paced, science fiction adventure, written to grab the reader from the very first paragraph. Author KJ Jordan is an imaginative writer whose novels compare with the blended style of a Clive Cussler-like character development, and the gripping plot of an Allen Dean Foster adventure. Jordan's style is both witty and sharp as he introduces us to the Nadroj-an alien warrior race, which has dominated the known galaxy for the past two-hundred years!

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