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Welcome to the new world, where the dead walk. From what i know the government tried to contain it but the virus got out and spread throughout the world. It started a few years ago, from what i remember, it's just been awhile. I've found a place to build our population back up, it will hold but i don't think it'll hold long, i'm asking for your help in protecting yourselves, i'm only asking you come to Deer Lodge, Idaho, i'll be broadcasting daily so you know where we are. We have plenty of food, water, and chores so you can stay, Rules will need to be followed to stay alive, if your willing to take the chance at surviving then i hope that we'll be seeing you soon
This is Tyler, signing off Sounds of static after

{*Rules*} (Rules for in rp)
1. Respect everyone
2. Don't steal from others
3. If you are out with a group of people stay with them, don't wonder off
4. You are required to work to stay, if you don't then you will be kicked out (Not from the community)
5. You are required to give half of the stuff you have to the community bank
6. All weapons are require to go back to the weapons keeper
7. If you get separated from your group, fire your flare gun
8. If you are bitten you are you leave immediately, unless we are able to cut it off, but if you didn't tell anyone you were bitten and kept it to yourself for a long period of time then you will be killed
9. Just follow the rules and have fun

~Community rules~
1. Like rule #1 from the top, respect others including moderators and me
2. Only Humans and Zombies in this community, nothing else and nothing more
3. You must follow the template provided if you have a template made and would like it looked over we will do that, but don't get upset if it isn't approved
4. if you aren't a moderator or me, you are not allowed to approve others profiles or anything that involves moderators or me, if there is a problem let us know
5. You all have 3 Strikes
___Strike 1: Warning
___Strike 2: last warning
___Strike 3: You will be kick out of the community
6. Most importantly Have fun

Contact Moderators or Owners
+Alucard Kuran Owner
+Deѕнυndra Dacнlen Owner
+Shinohara Grayson Owner
+Kitten Bee Moderator
+Maikeru Zombie1904 Shigi Akuma Moderator
+Emera The Majestic Vampiress Queen Moderator

~{Survivor Template}~
Likes & Dislikes: At least 3
Rank: Group leader, Scouter, Farmer, Hunter, Cook, Survivalist, Trainer
Bio: At least one paragraph


Name: Maikeru Akuma

Age: 18

Sexuality: Straight

Group: Miya ( +Princess Red​​ ) and Taylor ( +Alucard Kuran​​ )

Weapons: Millitary knife, Millitary Machete, Silenced Beretta, Silenced 22. Calibur Sniper rifle, and a Silenced MP5

Skills: Quick on his feet, Has Millitary training, Good accuracy, Has parkour training

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Hey guys, Can you please share this community, i don't want to have to disban it

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Open group rp)
Miya entered her hide out a small infant strapped protective to her body as she closed the doorshe entered the broadcast room and yui her AI appeared

Yui: hi teacher I sense a life form with you did you find a survivor?

Me: yes a baby poor things burning up i say setting my sniper riffle down will you do a full body check on her we need to be safe

Yui: Roger a blue light drifts over the baby then dissapears processing all done she isn't infected

Me: Good I sat we need to bring her temperature down though

Yui: biotine Coming up

Me: I soon manage to get the babys temperature down and lay her in a soft basket lined with blankets1q@wqq then had my AI flip to the channel I last found the signal

You then and a group of survivors hear my voice on the radio "to all survivors its me again coming at you I am no longer staying in my location I have about a days worth of food left and now a baby of a dead woman to care for of you want to join me head north to highway i30 5 miles south of Georgia tomorrow at sunrise Thankyou

and with that the signal was lost so you

1) The babys name is a group decision but I am protective of her so Don be mad if I put her first (and yes she is a girl)

2) no one knows of yui not yet but soon she will be known for those who Don know AI means artificial intelligent

3) due to the asses her eyes are red so Don mistake her for a walker

4) There is no rules for lines

5) im not to descriptive but ill make it to where you can understand I ask you do the same please

6) no text talk or controlling my character

7) no bullying

8) jump in if the rp has started

9) have fun
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(Work in progress)

Name:Kazuo Ishida

Age: 18



Personality: Kazuo is a wildcard but a mystery at that. He gives off the impression that he nothing more then a punk with a bad temper but despite being rough around the edges he does show little bits of compassion here and there. He believes that in life every gets a return and he won’t do anything for free.

Likes & Dislikes: Likes:Whiskey, scavenging, fighting

Dislikes:snobs, zombies, people in general.

Weapon:Machete, cleaver, revolver, shotgun.

Rank: Scavenger

Bio: When the outbreak happened he was at school smoking on the roof skipping class with his best friend Kyo and his girl Karen. When chaos erupted at the school it was truly a fight for survival. Kazuo eventually escaped with Kyo and Karen along with some of the other kids.

They were horrified by what they saw and eventually found a movie theater. As they were clearing it out they lost a few people but in the end they cleared it and are currently calling that place home.
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Can anyone give me suggestions on what i should do better on here

and can you guys give me some suggestions on Other rp Communities you guys might join

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"Fixed profile"

Name: Friedhelm Winter

Age: 25

Weapons: MP40 Kar98 Luger po8 SS Ehrendolch and 11 m24 Stielhandgranate

Vehicle: Horch 108 type 1A

Nationality: German

Gender: male

Personality: loyal, brave

Bio: born in Frankfurt January 30th 1917 before the war he grew up in Frankfurt Germany with his mother after his father died, then he became an Soldat of the Wehrmacht

Rank: Gefreiter (OR-03 Private first class)

Likes: two words ammo,guns.

Dislikes: Zombies, no ammo, no gun, communists

OS: straight. 
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Guys i said and i quote "At least one paragraph" On your bios i gave a pretty good example of my own bio, look at how many sentences are in my bio and thats how much you need.
If you have 5 to 6 sentences for your bio then you alright.
Please follow the template, and use my profile as a reference

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Likes:his guns, comrades
Dislikes: enemies,traitors,liars andbackstabers
Weapons: Modified Aka 47,Colt 1911 and combat knife
Vehicle:Incas Hurron APC
Rank: , Scouter, Survivalist
Bio: I was in a mission when,your chopper crashed.i was the only survivor,i can't tell you more,it's very painfully.But i can tell you that after we crashed,a big horde was coming,luckly and with the power of God,i killed'em all. Now i have one last thing to do: survive this hell until i find a safe heaven
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Hey guys
Can you please share this community with your followers and help raise it so it's more active
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