<<~Patient Profile~>>

"H-Hello there!! D-d-do you mind taking me out of these chains? I-I won't hurt you, I just dont like to be in chains..."

"Just because I'm a demon doesn't mean I dont want to make a person smile~"

<<Name>> Zakkuro Kadenyuko
<<Age>> 17
<<Species>> Human Turned Demon
<<Gender>> Female
<<Height>> 5'11
<<Weight>> 142lbs

<<Likes>> Blood, cats, seeing people smile, knives, chocolate

<<Dislikes>> Being feared, being chained, being given shots, the color white

<<Personality>> Capricious, friendly, kinda shy at first, loyal, vain, stubborn

<<Appearance>> Long ram like black horns, a black demon tail with a sharp arrow point at the end, sickly pale skin, sharp claws for hands, long messy dark violet hair and glowing yellow eyes

<<Abilities>> When at full energy she's able to teleport at will and can turn into full demon form when weak or ill

<<Room Number>> 96

<<Regular Provided Doctor>> N/A

<<Bio>> After being possessed by a demon— but still had full control over her body— Zakkuro was driven insane and became obsessed with trying to make people smile and making them happy, but because of her appearance she was of course feared by many and sought out for help. She was put in a Insane Asylum to get help from fearless doctors who count help stabilize her condition and regain some of her sanity back.

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Name: Kyler 'Jinx' Hughes
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Date of birth: August 19, 1999
Race: Indian, Irish, Philippine, and Native American
Species: Witch
Mental state: ADHD and Schizophrenia, and if you ever make the wrong move she won't mind ridding the world of another person

Personality: Silly, Quirky, Adventurous, Curios, Loud and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Bio: Jinx grew up with a mom and dad who never really paid much attention to her and was bullied a lot through out school. Born with ADHD and Schizophrenia she developed paranoia from the hallucinations she had. After a while of trying to control it she broke down and was sent to an asylum. Uguu~

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gender :male
species:psycho demon 
not much is know'd about my species but i can tell u that we do go out of control we love the feel of blood rushing in our hands the terror and sadness in ppls eyes when we kill them them or feast on them but other wise im a nice guy but just don't be around when my powers go out of control or when im mad
most used skill:teleport,and sword using  

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Name: Sylvia Var Redrich
Age: Sixteen
Date of birth: July Sixteenth
Gender: Female
Race: Nordic
Species: Red Dragon/Human
Mental state: Fragile/Aggressive
Personality: Not afraid of being herself, she will approach anyone, nosing into any kind of business that will be shared.
Likes: Heat, Aviation, Information
Dislikes: Cold
Bio: Having been hatched, nobody ever told her about her mother, who died laying such an egg, as it caused her to haemorrhage heavily.

Growing up, she could never wear clothing without it burning as soon as it touched her. She was hidden away,  for the first ten years of her life, being home schooled, since they feared she would be a danger to the public, until she managed to sneak out one day, only to scare the masses, when she walked among them, causing her mind to recess, and grow to fear the population of humans, having been scared to the point of wishing she hadn't been born.
Powers: Seering hot breath, Nearly Limitless Strength, and an Eidetic memory.
Others: She is unable to control her fire breath while speaking, and tends to become infatuated rather easily, but will never admit it.

Just ask me. I'm good with attention. Honest. :)

Room 89
Standard bed and dresser, with a few scorch marks over the walls. The door is only used by guests, and is always locked, since she likes to fly up to her her room, along the balcony.

is standing in the hallway after putting cracks in the wall from my fist in frustration.

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 Mental state:So so if cross necklace is removed goes fully vampire other than that is just plain Phychotic
 Personality:Normaly shy and unwilling to fight gets along better with girls while in full vamp is cruel yet only to enemies and some friends.
Bio: young vampire sent here to be put out of society.

is stuck in room for starting a fight with another patient.
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