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Anyone interested in chillin at Knobels and cooking out? Holla at Sweets :)

Agent Yetti13827 and I will be in the area 2mrow for a while. Would anyone like to exchange keys at all? Yetti and I can supply you with all the keys to athens, sayre, and waverly you can handle. 

Welcome Traci 

Welcome Liz to Williamsport enl. 

Sorry, hangouts noob.

I messaged you about some clearing I might need help with.

*Edit.. gtg!

Hello! Zigtaurd from Williamsport here.

AvisNocturnae here from the Lewisburg area! Thanks for the add.

Hello everyone!  SKSM5966 here in State College!  Thanks for the invite!

Glad to be here. I thought I'd join to let you know you've got people east (Bloomsburg/Berwick) willing to work on big fielding Ops.

Hey everyone.😆
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