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I have used Christos Xithalis' program called 'Hermes' to create a working PRT network for the whole of Coventry in the UK complete with stations within easy walking distance of most citizens and more for those people arriving from out of town based on past traffic counts. The program can be run to simulate different travel speeds and the results can be assessed and quantified.
I found the exercise enjoyable and believe it could be the basis for a community or group activity that may eventually have some weight in changing attitudes towards the use of motorised transport especially as viable high speed PRT designs such as skyTran and jPods will hopefully soon be ready to be rolled out for public use.
I have been composing a paper that explains how I used Chris's program to create the Coventry PRT network that could be developed into a virtual reality game and I would like to know if you are interested in creating a network for your town or city and joining a development team?
Chris's Hermes program can be found below and I will be publishing my paper if you or others feel it might help.
Hermes Simulator
Hermes Simulator

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If we can remove the need for physical transport this could solve problems
The ultimate rapid transport? With some holographic laser projection improvements, this may help us solve many of our transport congestion issues (and costs, carbon generations etc).
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