Green light of wavelength 5700 A from a narrow slit is incident on a double slit. If
the overall separation of 10 fringes on a screen 200 cm away is 2 cm, find the slit separation.

Two coherent sources are 0.18 mm apart and the fringes are observed on a screen
80 cm away. It is found that with a certain monochromatic source of light, the fourth bright
fringe is situated at a distance of 10.8 mm from the central fringe. Calculate the wavelength of

Two straight and narrow parallel slits 1 mm apart are illuminated by
monochromatic light, Fringes formed on the screen held at a distance of 100 cm from the slits
are 0.5 mm apart. What is the wavelength of light?

HELP NEED :In Young’s double slit experiment the separation of the slits is 1.9 mm and the
fringe spacing is 0.31 mm at a distance of 1 meter from the slits. Calculate the wavelength of

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