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Name: Ynadma Lockhart
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Arendinian
Likes- Sweets, To stay away from men, talking people out of problems, training in combat 
Dislikes- Men (more scared of them), marriage, children
Personality: Has a double personality going on but she is aware of it but only aware that she is not herself at times.
Bio: In her small little town Ynadma's life was almost brought to an end when her village was burnt down by a heartless group of unknown people. Along with her dying family her husband, Ishmael, died along with her 11 month year old daughter. She's now seeking revenge upon those who killed her family and husband.
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Name: Aquaria
Gender: female
Age: 16
Race: unknown( I can't decide so if someone wants to they can choose for me)
Likes: music( sings and plays a small flute), the moon, stars, friendly animals, red, blue, dragons, rain
Dislikes: hot weather, waterless areas, giving up, people mean to her friends
Position: none(if you need to make one up)
Bio: parents died when she was young leaving her to protect her brother. Her brother disappeared a year ago. She is very cheerful and seems very innocent, but once she gets angry, she turns into a beast. Got her name for the fact it was raining when she was born. Not really looking for her brother. (Sorry there isn't much, kinda sleepy right now, and feel free to pick your favorite pic in my the mix as mine)💙
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Name: James
Age: 20
Gender: male
Race: .Aredinas/demon realm idk I'm just. going with the flow
Likes: fighting and being mysterious. Colors like black and blue.
Dislikes: anyone who gets in his path. Being wrong or being defeated.
Position: Commander of orcs and devils who followed Zalgo, the demon lord.
Relationship: n/a he has never been amused by any woman, since they have normally played the roll of damsal in distress, which made him only angry.
Bio: his mother was Aredinas while his father was a demon chief who fell for his mother. Although Zalgo didn't approve of this, so he took James away from his mother and chopped off his father's head, he tought him how to fight since he began to walk. And showed him to kill with cold blood. When he learned of his families past he swore to himself he would never fall for a human EVER. He was finally sent to the human world were he was able to take over some of the small towns around Arendina, and was finally aiming for Arendina, but was amused of there comander, River and decided to wait more time for his main attack.
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Race:Etharian(etheria few countrys away)
Likes:Strange and mysterious things,blood,red and black, +The Black Shadow Dragon my queen and closest friend and +jack the red dragon king the queens, king and my battle partner every now and than,good friend.
Dislikes:the disrespect of anything,failure, defeat even if its just a practice spar.
Position:Comander of Aredinas armies under Keesa.
Relationship:n/a no man has been able to keep up with her.
Bio:both of her parents were ethrians, enslaved while her mother was pregnant with River. Born into slavery and often thrown into dog fights and just fights in general I learned how to defend and kill quickly and became strong in all ways. i learned how to parcor and eventualy escaped enslavment. both of my parents died at age 8 due to abuse and overworking i escaped at 12 slipping away in the night after making all the guards heavaly drunk. after that i became a proffesonal assasin and bounty hunter eventualy being called on to hunt down +The Black Shadow Dragon (keesa) but after realizing their true intentions teamed up with my good friend +jack the red dragon king  to bust her out and over throw the king and queen. earning keesa a place on the throne and me job as commander of armies.
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checks over weapons, picks up my favorite bow,polishes it
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