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Here is one more ExtrusionPower ( video for automatic modeling from 2D to 3D , this time for a "middle complex" hollow die

We have now also a stop watch to show the time performances
Automatic full 3D model (legs, ports, back tapers etc): 38 seconds
Die plate bearings: 2 minutes 10 seconds
Mandrel bearings: 3 minutes 15 seconds
Mandrel fillets: 7 minutes
Leg chamfers: 1 minute 10 seconds
Total time: 14 minutes 13 seconds

Video is done with high resolution, change it 1080p for the best quality.

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ExtrusionPower: Automatic Generation of 3D extrusion die models from 2D extrusion die drawings

A new 5 minutes video showing the automatic generation of a 3D aluminium extrusion die with the help of "Extrumat" function of ExtrusionPower, including 3D Bearings and exit tapers.

Only few information given on a 2D die drawing is enough to transfer the die drawings into 3D extrusion die models.
Further Simulation and CAM modules of ExtrusionPower allow then analyze and manufacture the 3D die on the CNC machines very quickly.

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New ExtrusionPower video showing the optimization of profile sections for achieving weight reductions or increases

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Due to the growing business and the need for more space for the new employees, "MIP Belarus" is moving to a new location in Minsk.
MIP will continue to offer the same friendly service at the new office, which will allow them to offer an even larger selection of CAD/CAM software solutions and services.

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Here is the final video of a tutorial series of four videos for working with wires in SpaceCable.

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We start today with a new series of SpaceCable tutorials mainly focused for the creation of wiring drawings. Here is the first one of four videos. Stay tuned to our page for the next ones

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Here is our second tutorial: How to add own components to the connector library or to create new component libraries?

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Direct modeling is like playing with sand box... you have the flexibility to take out your ideas in 3D directly without worrying about any other parameters or constraints :)
Join to the page of the leading Direct modeling 3D CAD System "Creo Elements/Direct"

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FramesLink is a "PTC Creo" application to automate the design of frame structures and steel detailing. Due to the direct modeling 3D CAD kernel of "Creo Elements/Direct Modeling" it is very fast and easy to create complex frame structures. You can even work directly on imported models.
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