Hey-ho! Long time no see. I've been traveling a lot lately, and work has been pretty busy.

But, fun news! First, I've updated the master git branch to all kinds of newness:

UiKit 2.27.1, with lots of improvements.

Moment.js, CodeMirror, js-cookie, Marked, and Parsley.js all got minor version bumps too.

Before making a release, I'll leave master as-is and see how it goes. A few people are now using GAEStarterKit for real production projects, so maybe they'll try pulling the latest into their dev branches and we'll see how it goes. So far, so good! :)

Happy Halloween!

Updated to the latest uikit today. :)

Hey Ken,

I'm adding a contact form to the kit and am wondering where in the project I should place my forms.py file. It's for a contact page, of course.

Today I pushed a few fixes.

First, a unicode literal problem with multiple languages was fixed in the config file. Sorry about that.

Also, now if you login, then visit the /login page again, you are presented with a way of adding multiple authentication methods to the current account.

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I figure it might be more widely useful, so I'm pulling the ndb full-text search features from GAEStarterKit into its own library. Just started on that today, so, soon. :)

Hi all, I'm trying to change the UIKit theme from almost-flat to the default one (uikit.css). I've edited the build-assets.py script to point to all the default theme uikit css files. After that, I've ran 'python build-assets.py' and restarted the server but I'm met with the same almost-flat theme in the website! Any ideas?
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