Someone who understands the language in - call of duty modern warfare 2 online? If so then I have a problem - I came online, It worked a few days ago I presented a very good server 1-10, Until three days. Every time I entered, but it does not show me Servers, I try to open my own map, but it does not give me, Does anyone know what to do?

gonna play Cod Modern Warfare 2 on PS3.....anyone has got that on PS3 and wants to play? if you do, give me your PSN name and i'll send a friend request and i'll invite you so we can work together online in a party XD btw, mine is: martynabbott1570

the reason for that username is because this PS3 was formerly my dads and thats his name so yeah, 

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Best glitch ever

Who in muthplay you can make team

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Modern warfare two, the game we all know and love. Well guess what ... It's ruined!  I would list all the reasons but why not show you instead?

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