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We will be holding chat sessions on the official Clean Master LINE and WhatsApp, and welcome you to join us. With your help, we hope to optimize the texts written on the Junk Clean function in different languages. We look forward to seeing you. Thanks!
Line: search ID "cleanmasterteam"
WhatsApp: +8613269986672

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Clean Master macht mein Gerät sauberer und schneller. Probiere es aus! Hol es dir hier:

PS prüft mal bitte

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I have a Sony Xperia XZ premium with a cracked screen how do I get this fixed do I have to use Sony or can I get it repaired somewhere else please help

It's a really helpful tool for any Android device on the market, I've been using it for many years. Every now and then it crashes on me but not to reoccurring. Only thing I've found odd is the Prize Wheel in the Coin section. Why have prize boxes when all they have are adds. Maybe do like small coin prizes or even money prizes, maybe even chances to win different Play Store cards. Since there's already the ability to win real cash, I say top up the prize boxes a bit and make it more interesting.

Nipon yamyuern. Thank you for service.

: )


I have a bit of a technical question: How does Clean Master know that I have installed a game, specifically for features like Game Master? What application flags is it using?
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