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If I see anyone stealing you will be banned. Thank you..~Cassidy

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What do you guys think?

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Name: Ignited SpringBuddy
Animatronic Species: Rabbit/Endoskeleton
Powers: N/A (Does being super creepy count?)
Gender: Male
Why You Took the Job: It wasn't purposeful. I was only 15!
Why You Kill: I'm mostly passive, buuuut... Anyone that brings back memories...
What Happened to Make You an Animatronic: I was dared to climb into a Springlock suit, and the Springlocks failed...

Two questions.
1. I have pictures of my Animatronic, but I made him out of Lego, is that allowed?
2. Does my Animatronic have to be a killer? (That one is just me being curious)

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(Sorry for bad art ;-;)

Name:Rebel the tiger
Age: (died) 15
(now) 27

Likes: kids, the color blue, (a little secret) Death

Dislike: being yelled at, flirting, and loveydovy stuff

Personality: kinda of a emo but she can be more happy and jumpy

Role in fnaf: she plays the saxophone

Bio: she was forced to go to her little cousins birthday party. She went to go find the restroom but she got lost the place was big she went to these strange room there was parts of the robots and stuff them she felt a sharp pain in her neck then the room went black. She woken in the same room but when she looked around she was one of them a anamotranics

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This place dead?

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My OC.
Name: Brittney
Species: Animatronic Female Fox
Age: 25 ((Since I am 25 in real life too.))
Year Built: 1991
Gender: Female
sexuality: Straight
Role: I am a pirate,Talk like a pirate,drinks like a pirate,and she has some sexy secrets of her self she never tells unless its after 3rd date. She always tells the truth no lies, Never cheats on any one when dating, she prefers her men to be 19 and in their 20's same as her at least.
Favorite drinks: Rum,wine,Beer and whiskey
Favorite flowers: Roses
Favorite colors:Black and red


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(open rp)
Janna:Ohhh purple guy where are you
Me:Stop Janna please your gonna hurt somebody. CAN ANYONE HERE ME SOMEONE STOP HER BEFORE SHE HURTS SOMEONE!
Janna reacts her knife for when she sees purple guy and..
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