Might as well.

Those nights you stay awake for hours wishing that someone will know. or understand, that someone's gonna save you or maybe just make you put that mask down.
I have those nights yet I'm part of the selfish. wishing you knew more of those people, have them all to yourself and that you know you don't have to worry because you have no doubt.
But I have those thoughts and my head fills with doubt's and questions and I feel sick to my stomach.
you ever have those nights?
those dreadful lonely nights?
where you feel like you need someone?
I could be that person. but no ones really willing to show it and ignore it with bliss of lies.
I hope you'll never have those nights like mine.
not as selfish or as suffering.
but be the person we all wish to have.
where if your your dream doesn't come true, be happy you made someone's else's come to life.

Its been awhile here too. so why not a poem~

Skies Darken and Spread Throughout Our Hearts
But, The Clouds Come and The Rain Falls
And as The Tears Clear Out The Pain
A New Day Appears
Maybe with a few Signs Of Darkness Approaching.
But that rain. always will clear out what's to come or will remain
Just as the darkness learns to fade and our hearts to cope.

this may haven't had made sense, but hey the dark skies cover what can be such a beautiful view.
Have a good day everyone may clouds clear out our hearts

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Happy Halloween!

(Not my image.)

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Halllooooo everyone~~
i am sorry i have ben going through some stuff amd i just wuv chu all
im very very sorry here ish a song i love and makes me cry every time
I'll Follow You Into The Dark

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The truest things, do what you can before you give up

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Swaying back and forth til you disappear

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Hello~! You may call me “Hebi-san, chan, sama”, or something similar if you'd like. "Consider every possibility before acting for the sake of living without regret" is my motto I guess~. It's nice to meet you.

Kido Tsubomi and Kano Shuuya from Mekaku City Actors. (I don't own this image.)

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Hello, this is an amazing place. I'll show my art work, some poetry and some songs i might sing one day.
You can also show your work, or work you like.
Anything you'd like that's creative and artistic
And welcome, please ask others to join

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Aw yea, awesome 6 members!
Thanks guys, i might sing here... i dont know i mighhhhhttttt
And one my poems and my drawings, enjoy~
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