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Profile Template:
Name: Masuta
Last name: Hono
Nickname: The Destroyer
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Occupation: Lord
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Wife/Girlfriend/Crush: None
Appearance: Pic
Favorite element: Fire
Weapon of choice: Twin blade javelin
Faction: Alliance of Free Regions
Children: None
Personality: Hot headed, calculating, charming
Bio: A young flame, Masuta is a powerful lord, cunning strategist, and skilled negotiator. He became a lord at 16, after his father was killed in a skirmish with a fellow fire kingdom. The day after his coronation Masuta declared war on the rival kingdom and crushed it, taking all of it's resources and territory. He is beloved by the people, and is a fair and charming ruler who wants nothing more than to protect his people.
Pokemon's nickname (optional): Firebuster
Species: Emboar
Kingdom name: Volcanos
Castle: Magmadome
Main element: Fire
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Hello everyone!
Welcome to Pokemon Conquest RP. Here are the rules, a profile template, and descriptions of each faction.

1. No Godmodding, Metagamming, etc.
Pretty Straightforward

2. No abusive language and bullying
Bullying and insults are bad. Unless it has something to do with an RP, you will be automatically banned.

3. Swearing is allowed AT A MINIMUM
I'm sure there are young people here that aren't accustomed to swearing like other people are. So don't swear aggressively, like placing an F bomb in every sentences.

4. Profile maximum is 5
I know that there are some people out there who just love making a crap ton of profiles. And it's both annoying and can get really messy. Any profiles that go higher than the limit will be deleted without hesitation.

5. Characters can die, but it has to be logical
A character cannot be immortal. However, that does not give someone the right to continuously attack a person's character for no reason. So give a good reason for killing off another person's character.

6. Legendaries are not allowed UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES
We will be having special events once the community gets more active. Other than getting them from special events, NO LEGENDARIES

7. One guardian Pokemon only.
In the RP, you're character must have a Pokemon companion. However, he or she cannot have more than one. That Pokemon is your best friend and guardian, your companion for life.

Note: Your guardian Pokemon must also posses your special element, aka favorite type

8. Keep arguments and drama at a minimum
I've seen arguments, insults, and drama ruin communities. Because of this, I don't want any of that going on here. It's annoying and disruptive to the rest of the community. If you have a problem, take it up with me.

9. Don't argue with the mods or me
The mods are there for a reason. Don't argue with them. If you feel like you are getting treated unfairly, pp or hangouts me.

10: Mod positions are earned
Do NOT ask for mod. It is earned, not begged for. Once our community number grows, I'll choose a mod based on an application.

11. Lords must be approved by an owner
Pretty straightforward.

12. New Factions
If you would like to make a new faction, please pp or ha outs me with your idea

Profile Template:
Last name (required if you are a royal)
Nickname (optional)
Sexual Orientation:
Favorite element:
Weapon of choice:
Pokemon's nickname (optional):
Other info:
((If you're a lord))
Kingdom name:
Description of Castle:
Main element:

Faction information
Rocket Union: a group of kingdoms bent on ruling the world. Basically, the bad guys.
Specialty: Various

Alliance of Free Regions: A ragged alliance of the rest of the nations that want to stop the Rocket Union, be it for personal or national reasons. The basic good guys.
Specialty: Various

Aqua/Magma League: A mysterious faction from another continent. Most likely evil, although most people are not sure.
Specialty: Fire/Water
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