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Greetings, fellow mages. I do hope you aren't joining just to stalk, AKA joining but never making a profile/interacting with the community.
The Community's activity is up to you, members. We wouldn't want this to die before it even lived, right?
If you have questions, just ask. Don't forget there is a category for those though.
Just so you know, this community is strict, and so are the moderators.
To spammers: If you spam here, YOU WILL BE INSTANT BANNED.

And for goodness sake, READ THE RULES.

Taken canon characters:

See what has been going on so far. Arc List:

One more thing before the template: The most active roleplayers will probably be chosen to the annual S-Class mage Trials, happening every 2-3 months.

This community takes place after the time skip, and before the Tartaros Arc. Of course, the Tartaros Arc is not going to happen in this community.

Here is the profile template, but you should really look at the "About this community" part.

Quote: (Optional)
Spell(s): (Must put all of your character's spells here, and describe them. Mention me when edited.)
Weapon(s)/Equipment: (Optional)
Guild: (Optional. Your character could be independent at the start)
Guild mark: (Location and color)
Position: (S, A-D. OC characters start as B or below)
Weaknesses: (3 at least)
Voice: (Optional)
Likes: (Optional)
Dislikes: (Optional)
Theme: (Optional)
Bio: (Optional. Mostly because I am too lazy to read big ones, and Bios are tedious to create.) (And because I believe the past matters not, kinda. After all, some of the people's pasts haven't been revealed.)
Appearance: (Absolutely mandatory. Either a picture or long text.)

Of course, spaces between each section is welcome. Makes the profile much easier to inspect.

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((Fairy Tail Profile OC))


“I.m Getting Fire and Water on !".

“How you Feel,Yui".

“How Dare You,Black Kid !!".

“I.m Not A a Alone and I Was With My Friend and My Really to Kick You Ass !!!".

Name: Max Waterson

~Maxy Chan
~The Fire/Water Mage
~Latias Max Waterson

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Race/Species: Human

Ethnicity: Caucasian/Asian

Birthday: 24th/June/X801

Sexuality Orientation: Straight

Blood Type: A+ Positive

Bloodline: Human/Mage

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Zodiac Elements: Water

Alignment: Chaotic Good

~Sorcery/Wizardly/Witchcraft Academy
~Crime Sorcière Guild
~Waterson Family

Occupation: Student and Mage


Hair Color: Jet Black
Hair Style: Usual
Hair Eight: Short
Eye Color: Light Blue
Height: 4'8"
Weight: 120kg
Skim Tone/Color: Pale/Light Skin
~Black Jacket
~Blue T-Shirt
~Uniform Trousers
~White Shock
~Blue/White Shoes
~Hat Cap

////Guild Information\\\\

Guild Name: Crime Sorcière

Which You Chose: Crime Sorcière

Guild Mark Color: Blue

Guild Mark Location/Placement: Right Arm

Favorite Mission Type: Adventure and Capture Monster/Dark Mage

Team Name: Fire Water Tribe

////[]About Character[]\\\\


Fear/Phobia: Rat and Ghost

Love Relationship Status: Single

Fleld of Study/Training: Magic

Raised your Dragon: N/A

Like: Ramen,Magic Spell,Adventure,Dog and cat

Dislike: Sexual Stuff and Monkey

~Hanging Out

~Expect Cooking
~Enchanted Swordsman
~Enchanted Martial Art
~Good Grammar Write
~Faster Speed Runner/Enchanted Speed
~Double Jump/Enchanted Jump
~Magic Manipulation
~Fire Manipulation
~Water Manipulation

////[]Combat Information[]\\\\

Class: Mage/Student

Weapon: Sword,Rope,Fear Smoke and Ender eye/Teleportation Crystal Ball

Armor: N/A

Gear: Backpack

Equipment: Sword

Magic Type: Caster/Holder

Elements Nature Type: Fire and Water

~Fire Magic
~Water Magic

Magic Spell:
~Fire Ball
~Fire Booster
~Fire Bullet
~Fire Nebula
~Fire Dragon Fist
~Fire Dragon Breath
~Water Cane
~Water Body
~Water Bubble
~Water Lock
~Water Slicer
~Water Nebula

Secret Art Magic Spell: Exploding Flame/Water and Fire Dragon Omega Fist

Attack Power: 6/10
Defense Power: 4/10
Speed: 4/10
Strength: 8/10
Intelligence: 9/10
Magic: 11/10

Weakness: Being Blushing with Sexual Stuff And Max can't Immune Darkness Manipulation


Izayoi Namara as Father(Active)
Kira Waterson as Mother(Active)

Relationship Relatives:
Izayoi Namara as Father
Kira Waterson as Mother
Yurino Namara as Aunt
Yui Numara as Friend/Love Interest
LIoyd Vastia as Friend/Allies
Alan Marvell as Allies
Kumbo as Enemies/Rival
Terry the Exceed Husky as Partner/Pet/Familiar
Eren Hatoki as Best Friend/Good Friend

Max was Live at Fiore Town Toshiro and He/She Parent was There. When his Parent was Leave from Max Because He Have Business with Council,Max when form School want to See He Father and Max was Going to Magnoila to Find His Aunt. In Age 12 Max was Join Crime Sorcière.

Theme Song: Don't Think. Feel !!! By Idoling

3 Photos - View album

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Is thus place reviving?

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Name:Wendy unice Marvell or Wendy unice scarlet
Magic:requip,sky ds,celestial spirit
Nick name :skyler,sky maiden.
Likes:all but not the bad guys
Unlike:bad guys
What person am I:kind,brave,nice,good person.
Hi i am new my name is Wendy unice marvell nice to meet you I hope we all be friends thanks a lot for making this community of fairy tail .

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(Profile update. needed to post it again because of a picture edit. Cut a sleeve off of Kaim's 2nd outfit. Also the two new pics which are Kaim's training gear, although he doesn't have the other pair just yet. Also Bio edit. And Quote edit. And other shit.)

- His usual self.

"I might be outnumbered... but far from outmatched."
- Kaim at a group of bandits.

"Those blinded by anger, fear, or pride, have no chance of defeating me."

"Not everything in this world is black and white. There is good and evil within everyone. From one's perspective a person would be good or evil. It would be utter foolishness of you to claim that you are absolute good... That isn't for you to decide."

[[Name:]] Kaim

[[Nickname(s):]] Walking statue.

[[Alias:]] Barrier Master.
Bandit Hunter. (More welcome.)

[[Age:]] 17

[[Gender:]] Male

[Barrier Magic:] Kaim's signature magic. It blocks out any sorts of magic or physical things from going through it, untill it is broken, or if the barrier is casted otherwise. The barriers are casted from out of nowhere, appearing complete in an instant of casting, which requires focus. Otherwise it could take a second or two. The barriers are white and hexagon, square, bubble shaped, or any shape he can create. Unless being a highly advanced user of the magic, (which Kaim is, being his own magic,) the barriers are all completely stationary and immovable once casted, but during casting slightly movable with certain spells. Shatters like glass when destroyed. The barriers can block from either one side or both, depending how Kaim casts them. Due to his skill in the magic, Kaim can, once casted, move his barriers only at one direction. (And only with spells which it is intended to move them)

[Status Boost Magic:] Magic that boosts Speed, Strength, Magic Power, Reflexes, Physical and Magical Defense, Agility, etc. Spell can be charged or instant casted. The longer the charge, the stronger the effect. The boost's effects appear as white glowing, flowy after effect from the sources of the spell's placing. (For example, Reflexes give an after glow effect on the eyes when moving, speed gives it to the bottom of the legs when running, fists when punching). Kaim cannot move while charging a spell, and if he does without casting it, it'll nullify. All Boosts vanish within 10-30 minutes after casting. Vanishing occurs randomly within time.

[Bullet magic:] Kaim mimics the shape of a gun with his hand and creates Magic spheres in the air around the tip of the fingers, including small 3 cm diameter magic circles appearing in front of the tips, from which the he can fire Magic bullets in rapid succession. These "bullets" are powerful enough to pierce through flesh when used by a professional, but Kaim's can just barely pierce the flesh, but not through. He can shoot one each second and a half.

[Ring Magic:] Kaim wields a Fireball ring on his left hand's finger (Naturally stylished like other magic rings). Clearly a Holder Magic. The ring shoots Fireballs on command. Not that large, maybe slightly bigger than a head. Can be shot as wanted, but it does take a bit of magic. The fireballs fly at a speed of 20m per second. Speed might get boosted alongside a Magic Power boost, including it's size and strength. The boost of his staff however does not affect it. Kaim can also turn the ring downwards, casting the fireballs from the palm of his hand, either by pointing it forwards with an open palm, or thrusting the arm with an open palm to send the fireball away faster. This is purely for looks.
Ring Amplifier:)
This metallic small device is attached on the top of the ring, boosting the ring's power two-fold, but increases the cost three-fold. It also has a flickable switch on the side, being able to change the Fireball Ring into a Flamethrower Ring, shooting out continuous stream of flames in a 6 meter radius.

[Dispel:] Magic that dispels other kinds of magic, if the caster has basic or advanced knowledge about it. Kaim can dispell all Barrier and Status Boost types of magic from a certain range, after learning this magic. Only weakness against it is strong will, and the knowledge of the (Dispel) magic, but mostly will. The process of casting is done by a wave of a hand, or any sort of hand movement.
(Not yet learned)

[Hair magic:] (with black magic circles used to teleport the hair to make it appear from somewhere else. Can absorb water, but only a limited amount. Obvious weakness to oil and such.)
(Not yet learned. Learned in later years, or months.)

[Thought Projection:]
(Not yet learned. Simple, hologram only. Soon or later years.)

3-Layered Magic Circle: Blade of Heavens/Earth Slicing Blade:) Kaim's ultimate, most strongest and most magic costing move. Kaim places his staff in front of him, standing straight without help. He then makes a chant while placing his fingers together, index and middle finger pointing up in front of his mouth/neck, 2 magic circles appearing below the opponent, one enormous magic circle 100 m above the target in the sky, summoning a grand barrier in the shape of an end of a sword, coming from the sky with 60 meters in width, and 3 meters in thickness. Kaim moves his fingers down, the blade moving down upon the target as well at a fast rate. Upon impact, not only does it do tremendous amount of damage to the target, it also releases a massive shockwave that will damage the target and send it flying even if missed. But it will not damage Kaim, since as the blade is moving down, a barrier appears in front of him to protect from the shockwave, and a possible attack.
Chant: "All life is ephemeral when judged by my blade... 3-Layered Magic Circle: Blade of Heavens!"
Alternate: "Prepare to be judged... by the Heavens! Earth Slicing Blade!"
(Downsides: Costs a lot of magic. The shockwave has a chance of damaging allies nearby if not protected.)
(Theme for the spell:
Weakness: Going deep enough underground to dodge the sword and the shockwave.

Blade of Heavens Part 2: Barrier God's Control:) The continuation of Kaim's Ultimate Spell, the devastation enhanced further, the cost included. After/before the target is hit by the Blade of Heavens, Kaim grabs control of the end of the now fully spawned humongous sword, which is 5 meters thick, 250 meters wide, and 500 meters long (grip included), by imitating grabbing a sword from the ground, pulling it out. With his control over the full sword, Kaim swings it around by swinging his hand, causing mass destruction and damage, able to make 100 meter deep cuts to the ground with the strength. Full 500 meter if Kaim stabs with it. Even if Kaim is using this from kilometers away, it matters not, since just by swinging it a little Kaim is bound to hit his target. Up keeping this spell takes magic, so Kaim must end the use before running out of magic, but due to his immense magic pool, he will be able to use it for a while. During the spell, the staff stays standing up without help in front of him, and knocking it or will cancel the spell. During this, a powerful 10 meter diameter bubble shaped barrier forms around him to protect him.
Chant: "You've really done it now... This is my everything! Arise, Barrier God's Control!"
(Not unlocked, requires too much magic. Will be closer to unlocking when his Blade of Heavens has been trained to such size, and his magic pool expanded.)
Weakness: None. Hah, you're fucked. Jk, figure something out.

3-layered magic circle: Mirror Force:) Kaim places his staff in front of him, standing straight without help. He makes a hand gesture with his fingers together, index and middle finger pointing up in front of his mouth/neck, casting 3 Magic circles in front of him and his staff, reflecting all magic attacks that are heavier than air back at the caster. Upon impact with the barrier and the spell, Kaim moves his right hand whichever direction he wants the spell to be directed to, with his index and middle finger straight. If the spell is coming from above, at the moment of impact, Kaim must thrust his arm up, with his index and middle finger pointed up, then move the spell whichever direction If wanting to direct back from above, Kaim must thrust his arm again to send the spell. Kaim can move this barrier after casting, but not much. Spell contacting the magic circles and Kaim sending them back does not change the owner of the spell, meaning for example, slayers sending their elemental spells at him that are reflected back cannot be devoured.
Chant: "Nothing gets through my barriers, prepare to face your own magic! 3-Layered Magic Circle: Mirror Force!"
Alternate:_ "Return to sender, 3-Layered Magic Circle: Mirror Force!"
(Obviously inspired by Mystogan's spell.)
Weakness: Spells coming from other directions than where the barrier is casted or being able to move it to. Spells that can change direction. Does not work on physical/Magic infused physical attacks. If the enemy goes over 90 degrees away from where the barrier is facing towards, the counter won't reach the target.
Absolute Prison:) Kaim grabs the target with the palm of his hand by somewhere on the head, within a second encasing the target around a barrier completely, rendering them immobile, like they were encased by ice. The grabbing of the target is required, otherwise perfect encasement is not possible. The barrier itself encases the target right around the skin, leaving no air between, but of course leaving an opening for the nose to breathe through, or mouth if Kaim wishes it.
Weakness: The target constantly moving their limbs, resulting in the limbs staying free after the encasement.
(Not yet learned)

Flurry of Dancing Shards:) Kaim casts 2 5 meter diameter Pentagon shaped barriers above and below the target, snapping his fingers and the barriers breaking into hundreds of shards, the upper shards spinning clockwise, and the bottom ones counter clockwise in the air, cutting and piercing the outlines of the target (arms, legs, sides, etc), clothes most likely included. This goes on for 3 seconds, ending in an explosion of damage with the shards having fallen down, now exploding upwards and away before vanishing, significantly damaging the target with the explosion and more cuts, and possibly others nearby. (Description possibly not final.)
Weakness: The shards can be blown away with certain types of magic, or the pentagons dodged before they break. It takes quite amount of reflexes and speed however. Kaim is unable to move during this.
(Not yet learned.)

Blade Field:) Kaim focuses his magic to form tens of sharp blade shaped barriers from below the ground, chasing after the target in attempts of piercing him/her like a blade. Size of blades: 30-60 cm in height. Size occurs randomly. Cannot move while casting. Almost the only move that has his barriers move.
Weakness: Dodging by going over 60 cm to the air. Spells that affect the terrain.

Barrier Maiden:) If the target is stationary at the point of casting, Kaim is able to cast a barrier version of an iron maiden, forming small sharp barriers all around the target on air that are stationary, forcing the enemy to hold absolutely still if he/she doesn't want to get hurt.
Weakness: The opponent moving before the spell takes effect. Offensive spells that can be casted without moving.

Scattering Element:) Kaim casts a colorful barrier, perhaps even rainbow colored, that absorbs an elemental attack, scattering it. The barrier works only if Kaim knows which element is coming at him, and only if the opposition's spell or size doesn't exceed his own. If a spell with two different elements are coming at the barrier, it will still negate the other half of the spell, negating the other half useless since it won't most likely be able to carry on.
Weakness: More than 1 different elemental spells coming from other directions, since he cannot block against them, not including spells with multiple elements in one. Unpredictable elements.

Blades of Eradication:) (Name not final) Kaim lifts up his right hand in the air, his palm open and upwards. Multiple white magic circles appear in the air above the target. Then, from each of the magic circles, a barrier in the shape of a sword with a wide tip forms slowly from the barrier until the pommel has formed, then falls towards the ground at great speeds.
Weakness: Destroying the magic circles before the swords are complete. Dodging the area of effect before the swords fall down.
(Not yet learned)

Spiked Wall/Dome/Sphere/Square:) Kaim casts either a sphere, square, or dome shaped barrier that surrounds him, or simply a wall shaped barrier in front of him that is covered in 15 cm razor sharp spikes away from him. The barrier suited against close quarters mages, and helps him keep distance from them.
Weakness: Long-ranged attacks.

Pierce:) Kaim casts a simple 60 cm spike in a 35° angle in front of the opponent, piercing the abdomen, especially if the target is running. From the bottom it is 30 cm in diameter, receding to the tip, which is razor sharp. The spike is the usual white color, same as Kaim's barriers.
Weakness: Dodging. Destroying the spike, since it is only for offense, it's defensive capabilities are weak.

Halt:) Basically like Pierce, except less lethal. Kaim casts a simple 60 cm circle shaped pillar in a 35° angle in front of the opponent, hitting the abdomen, especially if the target is running. The pillar is 30 cm in diameter from bottom to the top. The pillar is the usual white color, just like Kaim's other barriers.
Weakness: Same as above.

Counter Barrier:) If the target destroys this Hexagon shaped barrier, it shatters to many glass like pieces, and then flies in great speeds at whoever had broken it, cutting the target with the shards, and even piercing through them. Maximum distance: 15 meters. After 15 meters, the shards start to vanish just as usual.
Weakness: The shards can easily be broken. Dodging might be difficult though. If Kaim's allies break it, it will still fly towards them.

Healing Sanctuary:) Kaim casts a lime green or scarlet red colored oval/rectangle shaped barrier around the target or himself, encasing the target in a barrier that slowly heals their physical wounds, while also protecting them from damage, but not as much as a normal barrier would. The barrier covers the target, the rim only 3 cm away. Healing costs magic each second, and requires focus from the caster. Does not grow back limbs, unless possibly massively boosted. Can only be targeted to a single person at a time.
Weakness: The subject in healing cannot move inside. Strong attacks. Kaim cannot move, for he needs to focus on the healing.
(Not yet learned. Possibly sometime after researching on healing.)

Dome Web:) (Name not final) Like the name implies, this spell creates a web of barriers in a dome shape around the target. Like in Dark Écriture magic, Kaim must use his staff or finger to draw each of the strings, meaning he cannot use it in battle unless prepared beforehand, however, Kaim can draw them from the distance his magic can reach. The dome's size ranges in 10-30m diameter size in width and 6-20m in height. Once entered, the target cannot get out. If the target hits the strings of the barrier dome, the target will be slightly damaged, and knocked back.
Weakness: Only way to break out is to find a small 10cm diameter emblem, and hit it. But, it is not shown to the naked eye, so finding it could take time. Once hit, the emblem is revealed, but to destroy the barrier it needs to be hit hard. Escaping by digging under ground, which might be difficult depending on terrain.
(Not yet learned.)

Fragment Wheel:) (Name not final) Kaim creates 12 small hexagon shaped barriers all around him in a circle, on his chest level. He then snaps his fingers, the barriers starting to break into shards in a clock-wise direction, from the right, 6 barriers breaking per second. The shards then shoot off forwards at the direction the barrier originally was pointing towards at great speeds.
Weakness: One can dodge to the spaces between each barriers, depending on the distance.
(Not yet learned)

Reflect Guard:) (Name not final) By thrusting his hand forward, up, or to the side in either an open palm with fingers bent downwards, or just with a punch, Kaim casts a square shaped barrier, 2x the size of him in height and 1 m in width to knock back the opponent several meters while also damaging them, working if the target comes in contact with it, the barrier flashing a bit upon casting. The knockback effect is enhanced if the target is coming towards the barrier at great speeds. After casting it vanishes in 3 seconds automatically.
Weakness: If the opponent is within close enough distance, it can pass through the barrier without harm, if the barrier forms around it. Does not protect against magical or physical attacks.
(Taken from Xemnas from KH2)

// --------
Status Boost: Atakk:) Grows the target's maximum strength by a certain percentage. At the start of casting, or If instant casted, boosts strength by 40%. If charged, the charging adds to the percentage 2% every second. If casted with a charge once instant casted before, the earlier casted Instant charge doesn't add up with the new charge. Instant charges cannot be spammed on the same person.
(50% and 2% with his staff)

Status Boost: Mynd:) Grows the target's magic's power by a certain percentage. At the start of casting, or if instant casted, boost magic power by 20%. If charged, the charging adds to the percentage 2% every second. If casted with a charge once instant casted before, the earlier casted Instant charge doesn't add up with the new charge. Instant charges cannot be spammed on the same person. Does not work on his Bullet Magic, or other Status Boost spells, for balancing reasons.
(25% and 2% with his staff)

Status Boost: Spiid:) Grows the target's maximum movement speed by a certain percentage. At the start of casting, or If instant casted, grows speed by 50%. If charged, the charging adds to the percentage 10% every second. If casted with a charge once instant casted before, the earlier casted Instant charge doesn't add up with the new charge. Instant charges cannot be spammed on the same person.
(62.5% and 12.5% with his staff)

Status Boost: Vitaleti:) Grows the target's defense, lowering the severity of the damage taken, by a certain percentage. At the start of casting, or if instant casted, grows vitality by 40%. If charged, the charging adds to the percentage 3% every second. If casted with a charge once instant casted before, the earlier casted Instant charge doesn't add up with the new charge. Instant charges cannot be spammed on the same person.
(50% and 3% with his staff)
(Getting the charge to a 100% does not nullify the damage, 100% simply doubles the target's defense, as in the base stat.)

Status Boost: Riflex:) Grows the target's reflex speed, his skill to react to things quicker, by a certain percentage. At the start of casting, or if instant casted, grows reflexes by 25%. If charged, the charging adds to the percentage 5% every second. If casted with a charge once instant casted before, the earlier casted Instant charge doesn't add up with the new charge. Instant charges cannot be spammed on the same person.
(31% and 6% with his staff)

Status Boost: Agiliti:) Grows the target's agility skills, movement skills, by a certain percentage. At the start of casting, or if instant casted, grows agility by 35%. If charged, the charging adds to the percentage 5% every second. If casted with a charge once instant casted before, the earlier casted Instant charge doesn't add up with the new charge. Instant charges cannot be spammed on the same person. (After instant cast, Kaim can do a flip in the air. With a high enough boost, he would be able to double jump.)
(43% and 6% with his staff)

(Grand Boost:) As the name might imply, this spell has all of the boosts in one. Naturally, it is weaker considering it adds all of them. The spell grows the target's maximum:
Strength by 2% every second. At the start of casting, or If instant casted, it boosts by 10%.
Magic Power by 2% every second, and at the start of casting, or if instant casted, it boosts by 10%.
Speed by 5% every second, and at the start of casting, or if instant casted, it boosts by 20%.
Defense by 1% every second, and at the start of casting, or if instant casted, it boosts by 15%.
Reflexes by 3% every second, and at the start of casting, or if instant casted, it boosts by 10%.
Agility by 3% every second, and at the start of casting, or if instant casted, it boosts by 10%.
If casted again, the earlier casted charge/Instant charge doesn't add up with the new charge. Instant charges cannot be spammed on the same person. It also only works on one person at a time.
(STR 12% and 2%/ MP 12% and 2%/ SPD 25% and 6%/ DEF 18% and 2%/ RFLX 12% and 3%/ AGL 12% and 3% With his staff)
(Downsides: Costs a lot of magic. Can only be targeted to one person.)
(Not yet learned. Possibly later months.)

// ----------
Dual Wield:) Kaim uses his both hands to shoot Bullet Magic simultaneously, like the name dictates. Only experts of bullet magic can do this. (Not yet learned. Possibly later years/months. Requires expertise, if not mastery with the magic.)

Paralysis Shot:) Kaim shoots a lime green bullet that is otherwise harmless, but when hit, it will paralyze an opponent on the spot for 15 seconds. depending on the position of the target, the target might fall without being able to move to soften it. The shot takes quite a bit of magic, and the bullet won't be effective for another 15 minutes (Lowered when mastered). However, the bullet is slightly bigger, so it is also slightly slower than the others. The bullet doesn't have to be shot on direct skin, for the spell will take effect even if shot against an armor.
Weakness: If shot many times on a single target, over time the target will produce a resistance to it. Due to being harmless, the bullet can be blocked.

Homing Bullet:) Kaim shoots a magical bullet, capable of turning at a maximum 60 degree angle on flight. The turning can only be done once per bullet, and the process of moving is done with his fingers, which are tilted to where he wants the bullet to move to.

Rapid Fire:) Kaim shoots bullets at a much faster rate, like the name states. It takes a bit more magic per bullet than the normal version, so it cannot be spammed. It also comes at a cost of less steady aiming. Shoots 3 bullets per second. Can be shot sideways with a kick when the hand is angled 90 degrees either way, covering a wide area on the front.
(Not yet learned. Possibly later years/months.)

Cannon Ball Shot:) Kaim mimics the shape of a gun with his both hands, wrapping the two bottom fingers together and pointing the upper 2 fingers forwards together. This allows him to focus more magic on the tip, forming more magic onto the "bullet." The bullet appears in 9 cm in diameter. The damage, if hit, would be massive. Easily killing or taking off a limb depending on aim. The casting of the spell takes at least 6 seconds. The bullet is also just as fast as the other ones, making it dangerous.
Weakness: It can be destroyed by a bigger, stronger spell. Or perhaps a physical weapon, at the cost of destroying it though.
(Not yet learned. Possibly later months/years.)

Bullet Hell, Hall of Mirrors:) Kaim spreads his arms to his side, his fingers bent forwards, or just one hand's fingers if he is holding his staff, as he casts square 30x50cm barriers in all angles, around the target(s). He then makes a
gun shape with his hand(s), shooting out bullets all over at the barriers, the shots ricocheting from them, eventually finding their target.
Weakness: If the enemy knows what they are doing, they can simply exit the area of the mirrors to render the spell useless, or simply destroy each of the mirrors. There is also the possibility of Kaim being hit by his own bullets if he is not careful.
(Not yet learned. Requires expertise over his Barrier magic, including far more training with Bullet magic.)

[[Weapon(s)/Equipment:]] × A simple metal staff that boosts Kaim's magic power by 25%, but isn't mandatory to use. It has 3 unevenly sized lacrima crystals between it's spikes. Can be used in staff combat, Kaim using a self-taught Iron Staff style. About 180 cm in height. It is also one of it's kind, the origins being unknown. Kaim carries the staff on his hand, or in a strap on his back.
× He also, like said above, has a [Fireball Ring], one belonging to the Ring Magic family, a Holder Magic. It creates a simple Fireball on command. Appearance below, but without the bubble on the symbol. Obviously, Kaim cannot spam it since it does take magic from the wielder to form the shot. The fireballs fly at 5 m per second. Speed might get boosted alongside a Magic Power boost, including it's size and strength.
× The Fire ring also has a [Ring Amplifier], which doubles the power of the ring but triples the cost of using it. It also has a flickable switch, which turns the Fireball Ring into a Flamethrower Ring, able to shoot a continuous stream of flames in a 6 meter radius.
× He also has [S-Class Mage gloves], given to him by Jin. The gloves are black, and the tip part covering each finger has been cut off. The words "S-Class" and "Mage" written on the knuckles. Gives a 5% resistance to cold. Because, gloves. But, he isn't always wearing them, usually only doing so when a fight arrives.
× He has two enchanted metal bracers (8th pic), that he uses for training and protection, easily being able to withstand a swing from a sword. He can infuse his magic into the bracers, making them heavier, which he uses to enhance his training, but he can also use them for storage, absorbing the magic from them during a pinch.
× He also has a simple necklace with a red diamond shaped gem. Bears no significance, except a bit of sentimental value. It is just for show. Worn since he left his home, given to him by his parents.
He carries bandages in a pocket which is located inside his robe.

[[Height:]] 6 ft/180 cm
[[Weight:]] 70 kg

[[Guild:]] Fairy Tail
[[Guild mark:]] White, upper left arm.

[[Hair color/length:]] Black. Reaches to upper back. Later years: Black, reaches to the back of his knees, covers his right eye. Very Later years: White. Reaches to the back of his knees. Upheld on the same level with Hair Magic. Also possibly with a nice strokeable beard.

[[Position:]] S-Class of Fairy Tail.

× Enhanced reflexes, even without a stat boost. Even though he has great reflexes, he lacks the agility to dodge properly, so he instead usually casts barriers while also trying to dodge.
× Expert tactician in terms of using his magic efficiently, except in terms of saving it if he gets too into the battle.
× Slightly Enhanced strength. After training in the East forest for over a day, he was able to punch trough the bark of the wood.
× Enhanced Magic Power. Being S-Class, he is able to cast many spells before running out. Otherwise he would not be able to cast such a spell as Blade of Heavens.
× Enhanced Durability. After training by punching trees over and over and fighting monsters in the East Forest, he had built up a durability to take quite a bit of damage, including to his fists.
× Hand-to-hand combatant. He was able to dodge a stab with a sword, along with pushing it aside to land a hit to the opponent's face with his elbow.
× Expert Staff Combatant. Using a self-taught style called Iron Staff style, Kaim can fight with a staff up close with ease if he runs out of magic, or things get desperate.
× Reverse Grip sword combatant. He's had moderate training with it when he was younger, so his ability with it exceeds an improviser to some extent. He has better skill over this than normal grip sword fighting. However, contrary to his usual style, using Reverse Grip Sword requires speed and agility which he lacks, which is why he has not focused on it, therefore he is rusty with the style.
× With his magic and enough focus, he is able to basically run or walk in air, by casting small barrier platforms wherever he is stepping on.
× He is a calm fighter, unless he gets too into it.
× A decent cook.
× Knows when to flee from a fight.
× Due to his calm nature, and his magic, he fears almost nothing.
× Moving battle areas (if utilized right), Kaim can use the movement of the battle area in his favor to have his usual barriers move towards the targets.
× Immense level of Resolve. Almost nothing can distract him of his path.
× Seduction is useless against him. Like said above, he is too busy fulfilling his dream to even think about girls or love.

× He might get too cocky in fights and use too much of his magic too quickly, or underestimate his opponent. One of his biggest faults. However, if the enemy gives him time to think, he just might notice his error.
× Without his staff, Kaim's spells are 25% weaker, or his normal, except for his ring magic.
× His lack of emotions makes him hard to trust, unless the person knows him.
× A certain fear of broccoli and cabbage. Bad memories as a child. Won't use such ingredients in his cooking.
× He is terrible at sneaking. With his staff and black and white clothes, and the look on his face, he sticks out like a sore thumb.
× Gravity magic can move Kaim's barriers freely, since normally they usually stay completely still in space.
× With high enough frequency, Sound Magic can shatter Kaim's barriers. However, Kaim can change the frequency of his barriers with the thickness of his barriers.
× Moving battle areas. Kaim's barriers stay completely still in space, so Kaim's barriers would be left behind, or take him with them.
× Not the most agile combatant. His clothes are usually heavy, restricting his movements, not to mention his fighting style of mostly staying still if he can.
× Most of his spells require him to stay still, resulting him being a standing target.
× Low Alcohol tolerance. Kaim can't handle much before he gets drunk, which is why he drinks cider (besides the taste), which doesn't have much alcohol percentage per drink.

[[Personality:]] Silent and serious. Confident, analytic and calm in battles, which he enjoys a lot. He might get very sarcastic when speaking to an opponent, if he feels like it. He is a lover of animals (Not literally) and nature. He speaks only what is needed, and nothing more, keeping things quick and simple. He is a kind person, but he has his limits. He is the type of person to care about collateral damage, like damage to buildings or other sorts of properties, intending to avoid needless destruction as possible, being most likely the only one in Fairy Tail to do so.
Due to his immense level of Resolve that he has, and lack of care for minuscule things as love or relationships, if he was naked in front of guys or girls, he would simply shrug it off and act as he usually does with clothing on him.

[[Voice:]] Travis Willingham (His Gaius Outway performance.)
Shō Hayami. (Japanese) (His voice is just so good.)

[[Theme:]] (This signifies his calm nature, while also signifying his journey he is constantly trying to complete, which will not be easy or short. It also shows of his unwavering resolve.)
[[Theme 2:]] (This one also signifies his calm nature, his seemingly never ending journey, but also the hope in the future.)
[[Battle Theme:]] (This is obviously a theme for battling, which he does enjoy, and is quite good at.)
[[Blade of Heavens Theme:]] (This is Kaim's signature oh-you-fucked-up-now theme for enemies, when he uses his strongest magic. And what a sight it is.)

With a body build type like Natsu's, Kaim is quite strong and well built, although one cannot immediately tell from the whole body covering black and white robe he is wearing. He has a vertical 10 cm scar on the right side of his chest, received from the blade of a bandit. He is usually, or always seen wearing his necklace, and carrying his staff either on his hand or on his back.

1st clothing set:) A black and white robe, reaching all the way to his ankles. The black and white colors are evenly and symmetrically spread, with 3 layers, the middle one being black, the cloth of the robe spreading wide (With Kaim's arms spread, the bottom cloth would reach to the elbow width.). The sleeves of his robe are also wide, at the wrist section being in 20 cm when in length altogether. Under his robe he wears basic black comfy pants, and black leather boots with belts, and a layer of rubber within, to render ground based lighting attacks useless. He also wears his S-Class gloves he received as a gift, including his red gem necklace which he rarely takes off.

2nd clothing set:) (The 2 new black clothing pictured below.) This Kaim got once his robe was partially burned by Natsu. A black coat that reaches all the way to the ankles, and lacking a left sleeve, leaving his arm uncovered. The coat has straps on the shoulder and at the wrist part, making it hard for Kaim to lift up his hand above shoulder level since his clothing rises with it, but it's not that difficult, just annoying. Basically, this clothing being a bit heavier than his usual robes. Within, the coat is red, and it's closed using buttons and a belt, pockets being below it. Under the coat he wears smooth basic white jeans. And also the same boots as from the first set, along with his necklace, his bracers and S-Class gloves. The gloves being in a pocket. The black being the opposite color of his magic, being white.

[[Bio:]] Kaim was a simple kid who found out his magical capabilities at a young age while he was still living with his parents. He had a friend, Jiro, who was like a brother to him. They fought and trained with each other, until something tragic happened, when Kaim was just 8 years old. Their promise inspired Kaim to become the top Wizard Saint when he was older, but the new found determination also cost his friend, and desire to have any more of them ( Once he was older, having lived in the village with 2 years of regret, and pent up anger, he decided to travel the world by himself, learning more of his magic while becoming stronger, a clear goal of fulfilling his promise to his friend in his mind. Before he left from his home though, he was given a necklace with a diamond shaped red gem on it as a memory by his parents. He was offered a place at the local mage Guilds, but he wasn't suited for... socializing, so he refused them all. There was mostly no point either, since traveling would yield more experience, in his mind anyway. He ventured out, traveling the huge country by himself at the young age of 11, barely defeating an entire bandit group at this age, learning more about magic. During this time, he had used the same pipe in combat his friend used 3 years back. Kaim did misc jobs to others when he wandered around the country, at the age of 14 having been given his precious staff as a thank you from a job, having received an heirloom from bandits. As for his friend's treasured pipe, he returned it to the village, onto the grave of his friend atop of a hill, having not been seen by anyone in the village while doing so. In his adventures he learned to calm his rage, and shutting out the feelings of regret, and other important lessons he would take to heart (This being a time filled at some point with a flashback). While traveling at the age of 17, he heard of a popular guild, which had a Master belonging to the 10 Wizard Saints, the position of his number being unknown however. But, that was enough for him, so he then decided to go and join the guild, with clear intentions in his mind...
After joining Fairy Tail, he had met many people, done lots of jobs, and has been getting stronger and enjoying himself, even though the look on his face might not say so, or if he doesn't even realize it. Recently, due to activity, Kaim was chosen to Fairy Tail's annual S-Class Mage Trials, and after a fight with a mage named Alice, and when the other two contestants had a draw and were unable to continue, Kaim was granted the S-Class position. It was a wonderful first step towards his dream. Even still Kaim's family members, mom and dad, are alive, but he doesn't really bother with them.
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Bloody hell, aren't there any FT rp communities that are good and alive? Getting bored here.

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Quote: "Is fighting and despair all you know?"
"I will liberate you!"

Name: Eris Anthule

Age: Older than Polryusica, that´s for sure..

Gender: Female

Magic: Havencraft Magic (Holy magic, circling around light, holiness and purity.)

Spells: Eris´s magic allows her to conjure manifestations of light in form of various creatures she can control with holy amulets she can make. Altough she rarely fights and fills up the role of a combat healer, she hits pretty hard when it comes to that.

Amulet spells:

-Pinion Prayer
Eris summons an ethereal hawk by throwing an amulet on the ground to attack the enemy. It´s one of her basic attacks, requires small amount of energy and doesn´t deal much damage.

-Tiger Melody
Eris summons an ethereal tiger by throwing an amulet on the ground to pounce and attack the enemy. Tiger manifests for longer and is stronger than the hawk from the spell before, but also requires more energy to cast.

-Beastcall Aria
Eris summons both the tiger and the hawk by a single amulet. This spell takes longer to prepare as it is simply the two first spells put together.

-Tribunal of Good and Evil
Eris throws her stronger amulet on the ground. The amulet doesn´t disintegrate as others do, but instead shoots homing rays of light magic that chase the enemy. After a short while, it shoots another barrage and disappears. Eris is unable to do anything between the barrages.

-Featherwyrm Descent
Eris summons a dragon-like creature, much smaller than dragons but stronger than both the tiger and the hawk. This amulet isn´t used often as it takes a lot of energy to maintain the ethereal creature it conjures.

-Sacred Words
This amulet is a simple, temporary boost to magic power to an ally. Usable on Eris herself too.

-Enstatued Seraph
Her strongest move. This is a chain of amulets and cannot be done otherwise. During the spell, Eris cannot do anything else, cannot defend herself and must rely on her companions. Eris also needs incredible magic power to perform this spell, so if it fizzles, she cannot repeat it. Eris summons a seraph statue by using an amulet made for this spell. The statue must be summoned piece by piece, so Eris must complete 5 summoning rituals. When she does, she must load the statue with a LOT of holy magic. If she suceeds, the statue becomes an ethereal being as the animals from before.

-Seraph Lapis, Endless Glory Be. This spell comes with a unique quote:
"And so our prayers become victory!" ((2nd image))

The final, completing ritual of Enstatued Seraph. The Seraph ascends and fills the sky with golden light, as all holiness and purity materializes behind her. She strikes the enemy down with it. However, If the enemy agrees and concedes, the seraph willl end the fight peacefully.

Healing Spells:

-Angelic Light:
A single target heal that restores energy and heals wounds. A basic spell for Eris, which thanks to her healing practice over the span of many years, costs almost no energy at all.

-Holy Halo
An area heal that renews all allies in the fight. Energy requirement isn´t small, and also depends on the number of people healed.

-Croaking Song
Eris summons countless small frogs that hop around the battlefield, and when picked by an ally, they restore a small amount of energy. Their croaking is also made to annoy the enemy.

-Green Guile
Unusable in battle. This spell takes longer, but it can achieve anything Polryusica can do with her herbs. Eris concentrates and lets her healing magic enter the hurt ally, and with it, Eris can identify what is wrong with the ally and make it right. That includes expelling any kind of poison, fixing health problems, temporarily even calming down slayer´s motion sickness.

-Monastic Curate
A Flashy spell that immediately heals a huge amount of health and restores a lot of energy to single ally. Requires a lot of energy to use, and Eris often joins a fight with this spell, as she comes out of the back rows and restores the exhausted allies.

-The Divine Rejuvenation This spell comes with a unique quote:
"Heroes Never Die!!"
Eris lifts her hand, heals all party members to full health and restores their energy. This spell cannot be used momentarily and has to be prepared by other spells, that also charge this one. It is also usable only once per battle, but the effect is very useful, as it pulls the team away from defeat and basically gives them back the strength they had at the beginning of the fight. Doesn't work on Eris herself.

-Elana´s prayer
A powerful enchantment, that heals the ally proportionally to the magic damage they deal. This can work as an aura effect and can REALLY mess up the enemy as it lets allies take more hits and simply heal by giving back the punches. The downside is, that it is easy to deduce that this effect will disappear when Eris leaves the fight, so enemies will probably focus their attacks at her. That is why she needs to be protected.

Weapon: Her staff. It amplifies her heals and she needs it to use Angelic Light and Monastic Curate.

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 77 kg

Guild: Fairy Tail

Guild mark: White, under her neck

Position: Do healers have the same positioning? Her healing skills surpass Polryusica´s. I guess it´s B for now, until I find some more info. Would overpower other mages of higher ranks.

-Always wants to help others
-Her magic is powerfull in both attack and defence
-Group fights
-Can almost nullify damage from area attacks by casting Holy Halo

-Weaker in solo combat
-Vulnarable to magic that affects psychology or confuses. She needs a lot of concentration to make her spells work so disturbing her is the key.
-Stronger, single target attacks. She can only heal to an extent, and Green Guile isn´t usable in fights.

Personality: Very kind and cariing, hates to bring despair or suffering to others. She doesn´t kill her enemies. She libarates the world of their vile influence and desperation.

Likes and dislikes: She likes Purity, Holiness and such, and hates Despair, suffering and such. Typical holy priest.


Bio: _I am lazy, so Eris knows she has to ease the suffering of humanity and rid the world of despair. She has been in Fairy Tail for a long time, but was always on missions as despair won´t eradicate itself. She might even remember Mavis. Who knows._
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Name: Halt Aleous

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Status: Single (But ready to mingle)

Guild: Fairy Tail

Guild Mark location: Under his right arm on his ribs.

Color: Blue

Rank: A

Height: 6 feet 2 inches

Weight: 195 pounds

Weaknesses: He is pretty emotional and it can be used to an enemies advantage. His biggest weakness however would be rubber as it is a natural insulator for electricity. Rubber can nullify all of his attacks that utilize his element and can strike him bypassing his Lightning Body. His constant use of electricity also makes him tired quickly and needs food to replenish his strength.

Abilities: Sometimes the weather acts in accordance to his mood. So if he is furious thunder and lightning can be seen and heard.

Marks/Scars: He has a scar that runs through his left eye from a vicious fight with a clawed animal. He also has a scar that runs down his chest more than likely from the same animal.

Lightning elemental caster (Exactly like Juvia except with lightning)

Appearance: He is tall but very muscular. He is the perfect balance between strength and speed. His eyes are green while his hair is white (Like Mirajaine). He wears a raggedy trench coat much like Gildarts but is colored white. He wears metal boots and gloves in case he gets into a hand to hand. This also helps him with his lightning usage. Underneath his trench coat is a black dry-fit shirt and some baggy black pants.

Personality: His personality can change from time to time. Most of the time he happens to be quiet and not very social. He is extremely overprotective of his guild and will put down any who threaten it. In time he has risen through the ranks of the fairy tail guild. He stands at the one of the strongest wizards in fairy tail. He can be quite cheerful and outspoken though.

Bio: To be revealed via rp.

Likes: Friends, Fairies, food, idea of having a girlfriend and most of all sleep.

Dislikes: Enemies, magic council, being hungry.

Weapons/tools (if any): He uses a sword with a white hilt capable of absorbing lightning magic and then releasing it back towards the enemy. This weapon is not affected by magical barriers, or cancelation magic. It is often used as a conduit for his lightning magic.


Sango- unleashes a massive charge of electricity from his hand that forms a wide blast used to devastate large areas with no specific target in mind.

Lightning Body (Passive spell similar to Juvia but with lightning) He releases various levels of his electric energy, eventually becoming a living body of lightning.

One million Volt wolf- A current of electricity is formed and released from his hand. It is shaped like a wolf and is capable of damaging opponents extremely.

2 Million Bolt Phoenix- A current doubling the potency of Volt Wolf is formed and is released towards the target however it is in the form of a phoenix.

Lightning transport- This spell is a mean of transportation very similar to teleportation. The user scrambles the very electrons that make up the body and then traveled via a lightning bolt to a ew location.

Raging Bolt/ El Thor
The user raises their clenched fist in the air and chants the incantation; a large bolt of lightning will then descend upon the target from the air, possibly completely knocking them out with a strong blast of lightning at a certain point of strength (Wizard saint level) unless they are a wizard too which in this case it can lead to burns and severe pain as well as involuntary muscle spasms and the targets body being charred black.

If there are storm clouds around this particular spell can be utilized. This spell uses the electric charge already built up in the thunder heads and adds to it. This creates more electrical currents and if the user keeps the electricity in the cloud it turns to a circular shape and begins to produce hurricane like winds. When the user releases the built up electricity it is capable of destroying an island. (Cloudy coverage conditions must be met to use and if he ever reaches wizard saint level)
Lightning slash- A bolt of electricity comes out of the users hand and the user brings his arm down in a cutting motion making it seem like a lightning slash attack.

Mantra Track- Since electricity is made up of electrons Halt as the unique ability to “See” the electrons that form the very atoms of a person allowing him to track that person for a very long time. Each person/thing has its own electrical signature unique to it/him/her so its is impossible to be confused. It can also be used to sense traps or other people nearby.

(These are a few)

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+Kaim Argonar I possess a question.

Am i allowed to make a slayer OC that is a third generation slayer but has two separate elements. Such as being taught by an Ice Dragon and having lightning Lacrima in him and can i make spells (That are scientifically sound)

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Another new FT RP community.

+Conrad Drahenhart Use that new profile of yours there. It might actually get approved. Since it ain't OP as the others.
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