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Name: Scarlett
Gender: female
Personality: sweet, kind, very cute
Age: 2 months
Mate: none 
Diet: herbivore
Pack: nature pack
powers: she can do some kinds of magic

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feather walks in her territory her fur brushig in the wind

*fang looks around his pack proud to be the leader of it, There was only one thing he was lonely he saw that every one else had a lover in the pack except him *

you see a dark shadow darting from tree to tree in the darkness of the night it suddenly looks around the corner of the tree and bright yellow eyes glow in the darkness as it growls low

((Open RP be whoever you want, no need to ask))

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Name: Scar
Gender: male
Age: 17
Mate: none (open)
Likes: Fights, nights, howling at the moon, begin alone
Dislikes: day, sun, Twopaws, begin with others, packs.
Pack: none (loner)
Personality: angry, fighter, attacker, quite, fast, sneaky.

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Name: Alli
Gender: Female
Age: 16, dog years
Rank: Alpha
Mate: Open.…....
Personality: Shy, crazy and fun once you get to know me, caring and loving, is very loyal, always willing to help out, will be fiesty at times (if u get her mad enough)

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This is random lol

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Name: fang darkblood
Age:17 (in dog years)
Rank: leader
Pack name: dark
Pups :open
Personality: kind nice outgoing friendly protective over family ruthless in battle
Looks: picture
Powers: I have dark magic I can consume souls to grow stronger and I can hide in the shadows 

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Name Everest
Age 14
Mate none
Pups none
Rank hunter
Personality tomboy or tomwolf lol,crazy,weird,and loves to eat ice lol(I do in real life)
Powers She can control lightning 
Pack fire pack
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