Houses points
1. Gryffindor 20
2. Slytherin 25
3. Hufflepuff 10
4. Ravenclaw 0

Professor Black * Comes in the classroom and closes all the windows* Turn to page 394.
Bellatrix Rookwood: Raises hand
Black: What? Is the instructions on that page too complex?
Bellatrix: No-
Professor: No professor or sir
Bellatrix: No sir , , I'm just saying we are not up to that. I can handle it-
Professor: Can you?
Rookwood: I have gave you extra potions harder than this before, don't act like I'm stupid! Anyways the others Looks at one person failing horribly might not

[My book, Prologue]
A hotel princess in spring
Emily Wouthbetckle
By Irene González
It’s hard, yes. But that’s how it works. That’s how humans are. Sons of god? I don’t believe that. I really think is stupid. We don’t need to depend on someone. The word independent was invented for something.(No, really, check in the dictionary if you want). Were was I… Oh, yes, humans. “The heroes of earth”. I don’t think so either. Of course we invented loads of things, but… you wonder why you’re hot with shorts in April now days? Well let me explain. It’s our fault. We think we’re making the world better, but we’re just breaking it! You know those babies you give a toy to and they break it in less than a minute? That’s us. They gave us a toy called Earth, and we’re breaking it.
Do you know how hard it is to control 139583 of those, but with powers? No? Well, here I am to tell you. I’m Spring. But I’m called Emily, Emily Wouthbetckle. They also call me Amy Wothbeck. I am was the daughter of Andrew Wouthbetckle and Addianna Wouthbetckle. She was the mayoress of Evergreen. She died when I was five. Then he started being the mayor. He died two hours ago, in the middle of a battle with Wetherel, our enemy city. Now I take care of my little town, Evergreen. We need a place for all of us. I can’t let my town be in danger. The houses are no longer safe. So we’re working on a huge hotel: Evergreen Hotel. A hotel kind of like a castle, where every single pedestrian on town, every single kid, man, woman would live safely. That’s what is going on now. It will open the first day of spring. Want to hear how it goes? Well, you better get some popcorn, cause it’s all spring I’m going to tell you about.

Bianca Jinx
1st year
16 inches, phoenix feather, oak wood, surprisingly flexible

Bibi gets out of potion class when she sees...

Houses points
1. Gryffindor 20
2. Slytherin 20
3. Hufflepuff 0
4. Ravenclaw 0

1. Gryffindor - 2
2. Slytherin - 2
3. Ravenclaw - 0
4. Hufflepuff - 0


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Name: Bellatrix Rookwood
Gender: Female
House: Slytherin (just to change things up a bit ;))
Wand: dRAGON HEARTSTRING 11 1/2 Black Walnut Unyieldign Flexibility
Patronus: Fox (animagus is also fox)
Year: 7th
Appearance: Metamorphgus but comment apearence is bright red to brithgt green ombre hair, cherry red left eye and green right eye, cherry red lips, average height, and hair is long.
Personality: intelligent, great at magic brave, kinda mean, sarcastic and funny, always does bad thigns and pranks and blames it at people in gryffidnor house, hate gryffindors, kinda mysterious, mischievous, likes explosives, hates gryffindors, and not afraid to give back attitude and hex/jinx/use dark magic even it was the mos respected wizard in the world, not a purebloodist and thinks every wizard's blood is equal (and it's just the intelligence that's not)
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