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New community and high ranks available!

Names: Nightwhisker, Whiskerclaw, and Dusktail.
Ages: 21, 21, and 18
Clans: WhiskerClan, same, RavenClan
Mates: Nightwhisker and Whiskerclaw are together, Dusktail single.
Ranks: Nightwhisker hunter-deputy, Whiskerclaw warrior-deputy, Dusktail warrior. (Hunters are cats that train for both warrior and medicine duty. They occupy just under half the Clan. Med. cats still exist, and so do warriors and apprentices.)
Crushes: Dusktail is looking for mate. No crushes.

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this place is really cool, accepting and organized!

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Hi guys. I want to introduce my OC character to you. This is Battle fire

Battle fire.
clan: thunderclan
rank: warrior
gender: She-cat
Description: A golden ginger tabby with striking golden eyes.
Background info: Battle fire is a confident and fierce warrior who loves to impress other cats with her battle tactics. She is a loyal warrior who tends to hurt others feelings without the intension. She is caring and a great friend to have by ur side.

( art is mine and sorry if it is bad)

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Want to join a friendly and active Warrior Cats RP? I have one for you!

Join Warriors of SkyClan! We are kind to newcomers, and are expert roleplayers! We can't wait to see your RPing skills!

For more information on WOS history/members, ask me in the comments!

Can some people join my Warrior Cats OC villain map. It is on my channel (This channel). The song is Just Gold. Thanks if you join 😀

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My reaction

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Settling the debate once and for all
Audio: recreated scene from Garrett Williamson ' s How to make FNAF 3 not scary.

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Hi! Please join my writing community... I know there a some great writers out there and I think some of you will be kind of advanced but feel free to join! Writers all ages welcome! My goal is 40 members c: and we're already at 30
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