I listened to the song "I'm gonna show you crazy" today

Now all I can imagine is Cassie strutting down the red carpet with sunglasses and looking like a bombshell as the song plays in the background

'I'm tired of trying to be normal
I'm always over thinking
I'm driving myself crazy
So what if I'm freaking crazy
And I don't need your quick fix
I don't want your prescriptions
Just cause you say I'm crazy
So what if I'm freaking crazy
And I'm gonna show you
Sick freak
Yea I'm gonna show you,
I'm gonna show you
Yea I'm gonna show you
out my brain
go insane
Yea I'm gonna show you,
I'm gonna show you
Yea I'm gonna show you'

+Cinnamon Cupcakes

I iz borrrrreeeeeedddddd
Is anyone ooooonnnnnnn?

Lily: I'm waiting backstage with AJ. Our band, Blood Red Roses, is performing at a fellowship tonight. As the curtain opens, I play a quick guitar chord. "Hey guys! Thanks for coming out. We are the Blood Red Roses!" I launch into our first song.

(Open rp)

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Name:Daniela (dani)Tomas aka Daniel
Dob: July 12
Likes:as dani;art music dance,light pink,teal as daniel:soccer,sports
Dislikes:bullies dani;heat,sports,hot pink. Daniel;art,performing arts,girly things
Crush idk
Extra: s/He is gender fluid, and is usaly a girl
Srry if I missed anything
2.what s/He looks like
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Because I'm a bored crazy weirdo I made all of my charectors children

Children of My Charectors Part 1

Cassie & blank

Madeline Courtny- Has hetrochromic blue and brown eyes like her mother, long wavy hair dyed pink, and pale skin. Inherited her mother's love for Melanie Martinez and psychotic smile. Enjoys painting, reading horror novels, and helping others. Alice's twin, and demisexual

Alice Gabriela- Has hetrochromic brown and green eyes, shoulder length straight hair dyed purple, and pale skin. Inherited a bit of her mother's schizophrenia (hears voices) and british accent. Enjoys singing, watching rom-coms, and protecting her little bro. Madeline's twin

Cameron Rownan- Has short, spiky dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and tan skin. Inherited his mother's beauty (if you look past the craziness, Cassie is very pretty) and habit of talking to imaginary things. Enjoys playinh clarinet, baking, and making people laugh

Drew & Sabrina +Nerdy gamer girl

Mei Autumn- Short, spiky brown hair, amber eyes, tan skin, and a few freckles. Mei is Chinese. Adopted at age 5. Enjoys acting, putting streaks of color in her hair, and ballet.

Thomas Ethan- Slightly long black hair, dark brown eyes, and dark skin. Thomas is African-American. Adopted at age 9. Enjoys rapping, collecting baseball hats, and reading Rick Riodran books. Thomas is bisexual.

Hannah Esther- Long, curly blonde hair, blue eyes, and tan skin. Hannah is 100% beach babe. Adopted at age 3. Enjoys surfing, flirting with cute girls, and throwing parties. Hannah is lesbian.

William Jason- Auburn hair in a buzz cut, blue eyes, light skin, and lots of freckles. Adopted at age 7. Enjoys reading, being alone, and playing guitar. Will is extremly shy.

Cody & Raven

Emily Sucy- SUPER long dark brown hair usually in a braid, blue eyes, and light skin. Inherited her father's anime obession and mother's musical talent. Enjoys jamming out with her friends, terrifying people, fangirling, and reading the Torah (correct me if I spelled it wrong). She sometimes gets made fun of for her middle name, but as soon as she explains why she has that name, people are quick to reply that her middle name is perfect.

AJ & Unknown

Zoey Vega- Medium-length spiky blonde hair, green eyes, and pale skin. Inherited her mother's rebellious nature and love of all things rock. Enjoys playing the tambourine, shopping at Hot Topic, listening to My Chemical Romamce, and defying gender sterotypes.

Quinn Hunter- Wavy short dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and light skin. Inherited his mother's quick comebacks and fear of heights. Enjoys writing, archery, and playing with his dog.

Lily/Liam & Tinsley

Monica Regina- Medium length slinky black hair, hazel eyes, and medium skin tone. Adopted at age 11. Enjoys studying, sketching, and collecting crystals she finds.

Anastasia Tantina- Shoulder-length, wavy, SUPER light blonde hair, blue eyes, and light skin. Anastasia is Russian. Adopted at age 2. Enjoys learning about her namesake, pretty dresses, and people who accept her. Anastasia is male-to-female transgender.

Jissika "Jessie" Penelope- Brown hair in a pixie cut, chocolate brown eyes, and warm skin. Jessie is Inuit. Adopted at age 12. Enjoys contemporary dance, writing songs, and watching Adventure Time. Jessie is pansexual.

+Destiny Dollies +Rosemary AGs can you see my comments on our rp??? They seem to be disappearing...

Moirna: I'm sitting in my garden, in a small clearing the forest. I pick up my trowel and start digging up weeds as I sing in my native tongue.
"Tha mi sgìth 's mi leam fhìn,
Buain na rainich, buain na rainich
Tha mi sgìth 's mi leam fhìn,
Buain na rainich daonnan"

(Open rp)

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Name: Salem Swift
Likes:singing, art, painting, writing songs
Dislikes:haters, people who call her snake or witch
Roomate:Cassie +Cora The Mermaid
Crush:None rn
Personality:friendly, funny, kind, soulful

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Name:Griffin Grey (griff)
Likes:modeling, playing instruments, singing, drawing, photography
Dislikes:bullies, thrift stores,
Crush:none yet
Best Friend:open
Girlfriend:none yet
Personality:snobish, nice, friendly, a hopeless romantic
Other:griff is rich his father is a C.E.O of a big NYC company and his mother is a fashion designer so the money can play off as him being a little to snoby but he's a great guy he is also a model and a photographer
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