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I'm working at the Federal Ministery of Finances in Belgium.
I try to use and extend the GoodRelations ontology to have complete and evolutive ways to exchange information about e-commerce activities including VAT and other fiscal related information.

The ontology approach seems to me the best way to build a common framework for administrations/ministeries around Europe to exchange information about e-commerce activities like: Companies infos (administrators, VAT number, account informations,...), client infos (National identity number, taxes,...), VATinfos (rate, countries, tresholds, VAT numbers,...), payment schema (mint, fiat, crypto, plastic cards,...), products infos (price, stock, kind, ...).

With the e-commerce ontology defined (in various languages with various laws and rules related to the countries), it should be possible to get the data with privacy respect (also related to countries) from the internet and also from the internal data own by administrations.

The actual way used by adminstrations around Europe to exchange information are coming from the 20th century and without a methodic approach it's not possible to meet the requirements of states around Europe to tackle the frauds.

I try to find some helps to build this common framework. This framework can be enhanced in the futur with other ontologies like financial instruments and risk profiles (for money laundering detection) and by the way of SPARQL request, find typologies of fraud (with a more expressive way and more complete way).

SPARQL and reasonners can be used on fetched particular data for each countries with privacy commitment. It's a challenge but seems to be the right way to do.

Hello, I joined this group because I was blown away by the immense capabilities that GoodRelations promises in the nearest future. I did a lot of research on linked data, linked open commerce and then GoodRelations after which I decided to use it as a project topic. Presently, I have not been able get back results from the requests made through my application. So i was wondering if perhaps you could help debunk some of the major problem you think i might be facing. I will be very grateful for any assistance you give me with respect to the problems I have encountered. I will be looking forward to your reply. 

A warm welcome and thanks to everybody who joined so far!
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