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AospExtended 5.8 is up!

You can find the changelog on our blog!

Builds for all devices will be available soon. Builds will be on our website as usual.

What was new in our Oreo release? Check it out here!

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Hello all, I installed AOSPEXTENDED 6 (ANDROID PIE) alpha (Oct release) in my Zuk Z2 plus. Upgraded from 5.8. The problem I am facing is my doesn't charge properly, it does but really slow. The LED Notification light for charging stays on for some time and turns off, repeats this pattern. Can anyone explain what is happening and solution? My phone is rooted.

Thank you all.

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Hello Devs
I want to be alpha/beta tester for Redmi 4a Rolex Android Pie please
Thank you

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Wallpaper AEX

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Hey please tell me , when I will get official pie update in aosp extended for leeco le 2 x526

OFF Topic - I'm from Brazil! I was search about Xiaomi phones, i'm thinking to buy one. Something like 2-3 gb Ram, 32-64 storage. But, i wont a device that developers use too make custom roms and stuff. I now there's a lot of Indian people here who's had way more knowlegde about Xiaomi phones. Thank you for your help!!!


hi guys any link for kenzo?
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