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Is anyone able to tell me how to fix this please...?
Would be extremely grateful.
Thank you.

For anyone who is interested I just recieved the Android Wear Oreo 8.0.0 update on both my Huawei Watch 2 Classic & Sport today... yay!
Heaps of additions that I'm loving but I won't spoil it for those who like to be surprised.

Now running:

-Android Wear
-Google Play Services 11.9.75 (530-182402865)
-Android Security Patch Level January 5, 2018

Hi, I just received a new Watch 2 Classic. Is there an easy way to switch between answering phone calls on the watch, and answering them on the phone? As far as I can see you have to go into settings / connectivity / Bluetooth to toggle the setting from one to the other. Is there any other quicker way to do it without having to go through so many menus?
I'm thinking there will be times when I want to use the watch for calls, but other times when I won't, so it would be handy to be able to switch between them quickly and easily. Thanks!

Can someone tell me what is the differints between the huawie watch 2 and the classic?

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Want your notifications read out on your watch using Google's TTS engine, know who is messaging or emailing you and what they are saying without even having to take your phone out of your pocket well this is just what you are looking for....enjoy!
Okay guys "feel the wear" is now out of beta testing for TTS "Text to speech"
The application is working very well indeed and is simple to use, unlike SWN.
You will need to purchase the premium version, however, it is not expensive and the developer +Martin Florek is a great guy and has achieved so much with his dedication.
This is what we all wanted from SWN and now it is here....go get it and enjoy.

Hi all, just 2 days with my watch. Amazing .

But I primarily want it for trail and I cannot find a way of exporting gpx with heart data or been able to set it as ble sensor in the smartphone.

Any ideas?

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Watchface of the day (FREE on HUAWEI WATCH 2) 🕰 Informative yet very readable / FACE LINK >>

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