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awesome news!!! can't wait for update!!!💃💃💃👍

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Huawei Watch To Start Receiving The Android Wear 2.0 By The End Of March

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V-Revolution Black watchface, from WatchMaster Pro.

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I made this awesome watch using WatchMaker!

Check it out on Google Play!!

#Android #AndroidWear #WatchMaker #WatchFace

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Huawei watch are one of those watches that will get Android Wear 2.0 later this year.
Ksana Sweep Watch Face supports new features such as Wear 2.0 complications!

Wear 2.0 complicatons (data types) means that any data from other apps can be made visible on a watch face (kind of like widget on home screens on your phone).
Ksana Sweep has whole lot of complications/content types already, but when Android Wear 2.0 is released there will be no limit!

Ksana on Google Play

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Now we discuss about Huawei new Smartphone Honor 5c which was launched in April 2016. Huawei Honor 5c consisting of 5.2 inches screen display with resolution of 1080 pixels by 1920 pixel at aPPl of 423pixel per inche.

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Goosebumps watch face had these attractions by Scary faces:
What You Feel:
★ A Shining black crystal which you would love to wear
★ Enjoy the Scary Moment with Scary faces in different Colors
★ Pranks, Thrills,Odd beauties and the likes are also part of life.Make Prank with your friends by this watch face
★ You even can know Date, Day, Month, and temperature of your location by these Scary faces

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I warmly welcome. I have a question for people who have a watch for some time. Does anyone of you regularly take a shower with him? In the manual it says that you can not take a shower in it but I ask why it is IP67?
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