Shadowsong woke with aching muscles and a bloody gash across her muzzle, but also with a proud air. Fangtooth had taken her to a clearing and taught her a cool fighting move. He'd warned her not to tell anyone about her overnight training, or else she'd regret it. The cat felt guilty about not talking to Talonflame about the Dark Forest warrior, but was anxious to learn more, so she kept her promise.
(To write more about the Dark Forest, I need permission to use the other RPer's characters that will be in the Dark Forest, such as Foxstar.)

Cloudleap sighed as she gazed down at her sleeping daughter. The cat twitched violently in her sleep.
Shadowsong. Such a cruel name. Singing of shadows. Cloudleap thought. When I had her, and her siblings, I never imagined they would be fractured such a way. When I named Shadowsong, I never meant for other cats to think of her as an outcast.
The mother looked affectionately to her daughter.
I wish I could help. But she has been completely captivated by the Dark Forest. I cannot walk there, she goes there in her dreams. But I could send help...
Cloudleap jumped from the sky above, soaring down, paws gently touching the ground. She nudged Talonflame, who woke in her dream with a jerk.
"Who's there?" she growled, jumping to all fours. Then, she looked up, and saw Cloudleap.
"Listen," the gray and white cat said urgently. "Your friend Shadowsong is in great danger. She has gone to the Dark Forest. You must bring her back, or else she may destroy the cat you once knew."
Talonflame squinted at Cloudleap.
"Oh!" she said. "Oh, great StarClan! You're Shadowsong's dead mother.
"Don't worry, I'll get her out faster than you can say, 'mouse chasing its tail'. She'll be safe with me."
The overconfident young cat sank back into her nest, and woke in the real world moments later. She only then noticed the scratches along Shadowsong's flank, her barely healed muzzle, and a slight stench of blood on her fur. Talonflame's eyes widened, and she prodded Shadowsong violently.
"Wake up!"

Shadowsong stared around her. She'd only closed her eyes after resting her weary paws for a second... Mist swirled around her paws, but it felt eerily solid. Slimy, mossy tree trunks rose up high into the gloom. There wasn't a sky, only gray and black.
"Come, my dear," a voice called. "Come to us."
The cat sounded far away, yet his voice echoed around loudly.
Shadowsong looked around again. There was nobody there.
"Where are you?!" she cried out.
"We are everywhere. And nowhere," the voice cackled, sounding maniacal. "Come to us, or we will find you."
"But how can I come when I don't know where you are?" Shadowsong asked desperately.
Suddenly, the fog swirled up thickly in front of her. When it dissipated, a large brown-and-black striped tom was standing in front of her, wiry and muscled.
"Here, it is Eternal Night. We never see stars," the tom giggled in a very strange way. "Now, what have you come for? Do you seek knowledge?"
"No..." Shadowsong whispered. "How did I get here?"
"Aha! You have been summoned. To the Dark Forest."
The words echoed softly, hissing, Dark Forest, Dark Forest.
"You are to receive elite training from one of our warriors. Now, my dear, shadows are quite slippery, eh?"
Shadowsong stared at the mad tom. Maybe being here was making him crazy.
"You know, I used to sing songs about shadows. Perhaps you could help me..."
Shadowsong had a sharp intake of breath. "How do you know my name?" she hissed.
"My dear, we've been watching. And waiting. We only pick the worthy to train in the Dark Forest. You have proven yourself. Now, come. You may call me... Fangtooth."
Shadowsong could see no other option, so she followed him into the dreary gloom.

Name: Talonflame
Gender: Female
Age: about the same as Shadowsong
Clan: N/A
Appearance: Kind of strange. Black with gray underbelly, and dark red/crimson patterns. (I can change if it's not natural enough)
Bio: Orphan. Was found as an abandoned kit. Made friends with Shadowsong, and ran away with her when she was accused by Hawkwing to have killed another cat.
I'm going to draw Talonflame and Shadowsong, since I don't want to take more pics from the internet

I can draw characters for warrior oc's.
You guys should really stop taking random pics from the internet

Name: Shadowsong
Gender: Female
Appearance: Black with blue eyes and white tail-tip
Clan: She used to be in SunClan, but got kicked out. She's a rogue.
Rank: N/A
Personality: Shadowsong is sly and sneaky, but is fiercely loyal to her friends and would do anything to protect them. Shadowsong can slip through shadows quietly, and you'd never know she was there. She used to be in SunClan, but after Hawkwing killed another cat, he blamed it on her, and her friend, Talonflame, left with her. She now lives on the edges of SunClan territory, hoping to be able to come back some day.
Mother: Died in battle
Father: Ravenwing
Kin: Hawkwing(male), Driftpelt(female)

Name: Firepaw
Age: 6 moons
Gender: Female
Clan: Featherclan
Looks: Fiery red fur streaked with russet. Golden-amber eyes flecked with green
Bio: Fiery hot temper, but very loyal. She will do anything to protect her loved ones, and is easily angered, but kind. 
Sibling(s): None

"Firepaw!" Willowdapple called. Firepaw awoke from a peaceful slumber. She was chasing a bright star around a moonlit meadow. It was so peaceful...and then Willowdapple just HAD to interrupt it. Hmph.
Firepaw stretched and yawned.
"Coming." She called out, and began washing herself. When she was done, she stepped out into the opening, squinting her eyes against the sudden bight sunlight. Willowdapple was standing in the middle of the camp, sitting patiently. When Firepaw emerged from the apprentice den, she bounded up to her.
"Good morning!" She said, and nudged Firepaw affectionately. Firepaw nodded and yawned again. She was so tired...

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Name: Willowdapple
Gender: Female
Appearance: Soft grey fur and green eyes.
Clan: Featherclan
Rank: Warrior, mentor to Firepaw
Bio: Willowdapple is sweet and friendly, and she tries to make peace and get along with everybody. She is sometimes known as bossy or picky, but she is a true friend.
Mother: Died in patrol
Father: Disappeared in Twoleg place
Kin: None

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