I know it's not on the race list but can I make my oc a giantess?

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"Those who I fought and beat claimed to be gods, but either they were false gods or they were weak.."

"I'm grateful of my prowess, but who do I thank.? I know I was given a power..."

"I don't deny the gods, just to many and I am not particularly fond of them."

Name: Fang Lee

Role: (You may find a list of approved roles in the community links, and a list of taken and open positions in the community 'discussion' tab)

Species: (You may find a list of approved species in the community links)

Age: 50

Devotion: undecided

Likes: (What does your character like)

Dislikes: (What does your character dislike)

Appearance: (While a picture is helpful, a short description of your character's appearance is also nice)

Home: his home is a mystery he is not sure where he is from. But he lives in Akros

- Fang has enhanced Speed, which affects his movements and reflexes. He trained for many years to perfect his speed to the max potential.
- Fang has enhanced endurance, Fang can take the hits and can withstand a long fight
- Fang has enhanced strength, through rigorous training over the years he has trained in martial combat and has become a great fighter.

Weapons: just his fists and feet

Relatives: (To whom is your character related to)

Personality: (What does your character act like to others)

Bio: (What is your character's back-story, and what do you want us to know about them)
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Hey... is this...

Is this still alive???

Is it okay if my character has a gun?

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We shall defend this place will our lives!

Celestia Lotus

100,000 yrs. old (She appears to be in her 20's-30's)




Nature, Peace, Seeing happiness

Destruction to her people/home & bitter rivalry

Celestia has pink hair, a pale complexion, and pale blue eyes. She wears black/grey armor with a skirt ripped on her left leg. A shield is attached to her right armor sleeve

A peaceful villa named after her known as Celestia.

She's skilled in swordplay and archery.

Sword & Shield

Valucard (Brother) Ivy (Sister)

Celestia, unlike her sister, has a kind and calm personality. She is very sweet and delicate and is always in control of her anger

Her disregarding past as a mortal was horrific. Seeing her mortal sister behead and murder her mother and father, she was thrown into deep despair. But she soon overcame it when a winged angel came to her hour of need. Hearing her plea for help and a miracle to come, she was soon transformed into a non-human woman made of suit of armor and a sword to complete her warrior look. She has became a guardian of peace. A woman of virtue. She is... A satyr.

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"I swear on it..! I will make all of you weaklings DIE!"


10,000 yrs. old (He's most likely 17-18)




He rather not say

Destruction (at his leisure, he writes and draws out villas and writes about his journeys.)

Peace, justice, & gullible people

Scarlet red hair, golden eyes, and a pale complexion. He wears a black uniform with the left sleeve torn off to reveal his demonic arm

The forest is gradually his home, but he once was a resident of Celestia, his sister's home world

Hovering, superhuman strength & agility, & superhuman vision

His demonic claw & sword

Celestia (former sister) Ivy (former sister)

Ever since darkness corrupted him, he has become dark, evil, and cold. He has no good, unless he feels proud, which is seen rarely.

<<He was corrupted by darkness when he found his parents beheaded and murdered. But when he realized Celestia and Ivy by their corpses, he blamed Celestia instead of Ivy due to her having the bloody knife Ivy used to kill her parents. He ran from home only to have darkness take over and turn him to a half-blood.>>

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Name: Aiden Eenzame

Role: (You may find a list of approved roles in the community links, and a list of taken and open positions in the community 'discussion' tab)

Species: human

Age: 17

Devotion: nature

Likes: nature, hunting, sneaking

Dislikes: winter, wasting time, seagulls

Height: 6"1'
Weight: 150 lbs
Build: wiry
Hair: dark blond
Eyes: grey blue

Home: Setessa

Abilities: photokinesis, short range teleportation, sonokinesis, minor gravity manipulation

Weapons: saber, karambit, cleaver, bow, tekko kagi

Relatives: none known

Personality: reserved, loner, cunning

Bio: (What is your character's back-story, and what do you want us to know about them)
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anybody able to tell me what all the gods are?



Name: Avanton

Role: Stratian/Akroan

Species: Human

Age: 29

Devotion: The God of Valor

Likes: Battle, Winning, Wine, Women

Dislikes: A short fight, killing without reason

Appearance: At 6'4, Avanton towers above many, even in Akros. He has dark skin and golden eyes that seem to glow when he fights. People say he can look right through you. He wears golden armor and carries a greatsword and a spear on his back along with his shield. 

Home: Akros


Valiant Strike: Avanton's armor begins to glow and he is temporarily invulnerable for one attack only. The attack carries the force of 100 blades all striking the same spot.

Roar of Courage: Avanton unleashes a roar from his mouth that can blow away attacking enemies. The roar generates winds of 100 mph and can greatly injure an opponent. 

Bladestorm: A group of magical blades are summoned and launch themselves at an enemy like heat-seaking missiles. They are unaffected by weather conditions such as heat, cold, and rust. (LOCKED)

Iron Skin: Simply put, swords and other weapons simply skate off him. His skin is as hard as iron. (LOCKED)


Avanton carries a greatsword by the name of Shadowbane.  It has felled thousands of enemies on the battlefield. The sword has the ability to deal area effect damage with his Valiant Strike attack. COMMON

He also carries a shield by the name of Oathkeeper. The shield has never been broken and has repelled scores of enemies. It also carries no wear or tear on it, as most blades simply skate right off _COMMON_

The Cursed Blade
Mythic Rarity
Whoever wields this blade is granted with an extreme amount of strength in exchange for a few years off of their total life span.

Finero-Father? (40) and Commander of a Stratian Battalion.

Akeron-Brother (26) Sergeant in a Stratian Battalion

Sylana-Mother (38) A Battlemistress and Commander of a different Stratian Battalion

Parthia-Sister (20) A Battlemistress in training.

God of Valor-Father (Immortal)

Personality: Avanton is a well-respected man among the people of Akros. He has won the annual Games twice and gained much fame for this feat, for it is very hard to win the games in the first place. Despite this he is very humble and will not brag about his ability. He is not hostile unless you show yourself to be hostile first and he will withhold judgement until he gets to know you. He respects all people the same and is viewed as chivalrous. He has a weakness for ladies and is also viewed as a lady's man. Not a womanizer, but he's quite popular around the city. And he knows it too. People believed him to be the God of Valor in human form.

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Just resending this
Profile Template

Name: arthas

Role: god of the sea

Species: uses the Human form mostly

Age: how he looks is 27


Likes: water,honor and the sea

Dislikes: fire,being far from the sea or any sorce of water

Appearance: the pic

Home: the Nyx

Abilities: has full controll over water the weakness to this is the less the water the less he has use of this

Weapons: a seastone staff with Blue stones (one piece refrence haha)

Achieved true god form (pictures)
How: absorbed the first water and his own staff.
Increases his magical and physical power by x19 their max levels (which to a god means he is allways his max)

Relatives: the other major god/ess

Personality: calm and colective

Bio: he allways loved the sea and every thing in it he is commonly worshiped as magical teacher or a healer but he is or more deadly as the other gods
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