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1. After joining, Introduce yourself before posting something else when. - It is better if the members knows you've join.
2. No Pornography or Hentai. - We have members below 18, so be polite.
3. No fighting - If I see fighting especially on comments, I will ban the attacker, but if you wont to settle the fight in peace, I will ban both of you.
4. No critizing people and Racism - Everyone lives in this group peacefully, don't try to start a war via rumors. Also this rules is apply to famous and known people.
5. Respect your admin and moderators - Admin and moderators are working hard as they can to improve this group.
6. Put your post on the right category / Topic - Choose the category that matches your post.
7. No offensive jokes - Jokes are funny but not all of them are actually funny for certain people.
8. Lip Fairilu is the Supreme Leader of the group, call her Supreme Leader and any honorable words like "dear leader" and glorify her, don't worry it's free.
9. Don't ask anyone in this group to follow, subscribe and and friend. - Nobody cares what are you suggesting and we hate spam.
10. Don't ask anyone to donate via paypal or anything has to do with money - People in this group doesn't want to waste their money.
11. Ask Admin or any mod for permit to post ad - But not all of them will be approved if the admin likes it or not.
12. Post only something related - Only posts related to Rilu Rilu Fairilu.
13. No 2 or more same post - Do not post things already post here.
14. Never consider anime as cartoon.
15. Don't call people as "noob" or "newbie"
16. Bias people are not welcome here.

SUPREME LEADER - The highest ruler of Fairilu Supremacy
+Dear Fairilu Supreme Leader Lip Fairilu

SUPREMACIES - The high ranking generals of Fairilu Supremacy
+Great Fairilu Supremacist Himawari Fairilu​​​​​
+Great Fairilu Supremacist Rose Fairilu​​​​​
+Great Fairilu Supremacist Sumire Fairilu​​​​​
+Great Fairilu Supremacist Rin Fairilu​​​​​
+Great Fairilu Supremacist Karen Hanamura​​​​​
+Great Fairilu Supremacist Nozomu Hanamura​​​​​

FAIRILU DEFECTORS - The ones who defect or enforce any rule breaker
+Zenjo'oh Sama​​​​​

Rules Update: October 11, 2017

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Season 2 Date confirmed
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Fan service?

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Oh look at her, isn't cute

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