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In case you can't access the latest beta through the play store, here it is:

Not sure if I have just missed something but is there a way to mark download as failed for sickrage? In the Web gui you can mark as failed, include same quality and it will try other hits instead but I can't seem to find this in the app? 

Are there plans to add support for Radarr?

Is there away of adding a severe that's behind a reverse proxy. My adds is https://domain/sonarr no port number


I am assuming the username/password is for app, what if I need to enter username/password for https proxy?

Successfully connected to Sonarr via WAN and LAN using NZB Unity. Whenever I "Add Series" it finds it and shows correct directories and profiles. I click "add" and it just forever sits on "Adding to Sonarr..." but never finishes. Log into server and check Sonarrr --- show isn't listed in my series. Ideas??

A new release has hit the Play store in the last few days after almost a year of no activity. It fixes up the Sonarr episode display bug and updates all of the underlying frameworks for speed and security fixes, but looks like a few new bugs have crept in such as adding shows to Sonarr no longer works.

I'll be coding more and more over the next little while so this plus other issues will be resolved soon.


Having probs adding episodes to sonarr. Can see it try in the sonarr logs but just hangs. Is there somewhere to post bugs?

Firstly, great app. Love it and use it all the time.

Would it be possible to get a Lazylibrarian profile option please? 

I have sick rage, couch potato and sabnzb all configured for wifi and cell. On home network and on cell network they connect fine. But on anyone elses wifi network, the wifi connection timeouts, which makes sense but then it didn't try the cell connection.
Wifi should be the default but if it fails then the app should attempt cell connection.

Also please add a profile for mylar comic manager. Thanks
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