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The everfree pony's
They have more strength than a Normal pony, more agility, and more speed, so they can live in the everfree forest.
Thats about it.
The 4 tribes each have a slight difference, but they are not enemy's. Although some pony's dont get along that well............ there aren't any leader's in Any groups. Anyways, here are they're description
The feirce group. They are the strongest, fastest, bravest group of all. Mostly because they are close to the middle, but a bit on the west. They live in the same area as the timberwolves, and the only problem is, they aren't very intelligent, like the other tribes, especially the eagle's. They're scholars time is much shorter, and pony's regret them going into the city, especially the closest one, ponyville. They are also taught by they're parents. And every night, they sing, and use their instruments.
The intelligent group. These pony's have lots of methods to fight firce animal's, especially the timberwolves from the other tribe. These pony's use traps, and their intelligence to do things like this. They are pretty strong, but they are very fast. They live with a lot of eagle's, and this tribe visits the city very often, where they are educated.
The hallow's live in the dark area of the Forest, so they use they're senses a lot. They are also used to plants, being able to tell if they are poisonous or not, and also being able to make medicine with them. The hallow's strength and speed are not much over a average pony, but their only enemy's are bats, and small rodents. These pony's only goes to the city sometimes, for they like to stay where they live.
The ice ends, also called the "frozen tribe" is located in the colder parts of the forest. This part always has cold wind pushing through, and its not very easy to live here. These pony's visit ponyville very often, buying things for their family, and the tribe. They are very creative, using anything they can to keep themselves warm. Thou their ability is normal, they are the most creative, and one of the smartest groups. They also love music.

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Basic information
Name : herb medic
Age : 16
Race : earth pony
Cm : a bowl, herb crushed, with powder inside and a herb leaf leaning on the bowl
Talent : making herb medicine
Tribe : Hallow tribe
Bio : her and her sister are very close. She's a bit shy, but like her sister, they both have very good eyesight. She got her cm when she was treating her sister from a very bad sickness.
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