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BOOM! Picto-history of the C-bot OpenBuilds community. A lot of creative people out there, no two builds are quite the same.
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Hello. I'm Taha from Turkey. I want to build 3d printer but i have sigma 30x30x1000mm profiles. What did you think; can i build this printer?

I'm looking to build a large printer and landed here while doing my research into the best format for stability. Obviously I don't want a moving XY bed so I'm eyeballing CoreXY. I don't know what C-bot/D-bot is yet.

What's the best format/kit for a printer that is around 600x300x300 build volume?

thanks everyone

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need to reset marlin, cant get screen to work.

hi all. its been entire year to the day that i havent been using my d bot. and as such i pretty much forgot how to use it, marlin, arduino etc.

ive got it mostly running but cant get the screen back on. its a pretty standard REPRAP_DISCOUNT_FULL_GRAPHIC_SMART_CONTROLLER. how can i test if its fried?

ive tried to flash several versions of marlin right back to the original dbot build but not having much luck. can anyone share their configuration.h, configuration_ad.h files?

im running;
mega 2560, ramps 1.4
12v power supply
400x400 heated silicone bed
2x z motors
micro switch endstops on x,y
optical end stop on z.

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#T-Trees #3DPrint #filament
🙎‍♀️Artwork display......😄
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Based on a previous thread, I got to thinking about my buildplate: I have a nice aluminum one with PEI, but because of that my inductive sensor is super close, and has actually caught on prints before. I looked into the BuildTak Flexplate system, but they wanted $170 for my 12"x12" bed. After a bit or research, I basically did the same thing for just over $22:
A large magnet and steel sheet = great new removable\flexible build surface, and my inductive probe is super happy.

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Have mesh bed leveling turned on with IR sensor above glass plate with hair spray above heatbed. Get this contour map of surface. Generally I think its caused by differences in IR reflectivity as it prints much smoother with auto leveling turned off than with it on.probe sensor is set to 450 trigger as sensor on glass doesn't seem to get above 470 signal level.

1) is it usual to get this level of irregularity?

2) any ideas on how to reduce irregular reading?

Also will try rotating glass bed and measure again ( Can't now as is printing).

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Looking to build my own D-Bot and have been looking for affordable aluminum extrusions. Anyone heard of this company before? Its the first time I've seen them, but the prices look almost too good to be true.

Just finished my dbot core xy after 2 years
from the plans of D. Spaulding
just about to install marlin on ramps
and somebody said use repieter
Whats Best?
is anybody using it?
and is it possible to get a copy of the config file
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