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Welcome to my community!

Heroes from all different lands get lost in one another's worlds and get to explore what lays beyond what they thought was "normal" for them.

Here's the template

* = not required

World of Origin:
Main Weapon:
*Secondary Weapon:


BigB St4tz2

You notice a Minecraftian walking around through a foggy dense woods. He has his iron sword out and he seems to be extra cautious about something. Should you go talk to him?

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First Profile

Name: Emerald_Erin
Age: 13
Gender: Female
World of Origin: Minecraft
Main Weapon: Enchanted Diamond Sword
Secondary Weapon: Bow w/ Poison tipped arrow
Likes: Adventure, Exploration, PvP
Dislikes: Endermen, being left out/behind,
Personality: Brave, helpful, cocky, stubborn, Short-tempered, protective
Bio: Emerald_Erin is a Minecraftian Warrior who travels around the world of Minecraft and it's dimensions. She enjoys making new friends and helping others. Erin has been to many different Minecraft dimensions but has never stepped out of her zone. Could this be a change for her?
Abilities: Quick in combat.
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\\OK here's my profile!

Name:Link (Called Young Link because there's about 12 different canon Links including his older self)
World of Origin:Hyrule (The legend of Zelda™)
Main Weapon:Razor sword and fierce deity mask
*Secondary Weapon:fire and ice arrows, bombs, spin attack
Likes:peace, being tickled X3, Young Zelda (his secret crush), Other Links and friends
Dislikes: Ganondorf (questions why doesn't he age), Evil, Fire (Scared as he comes from a forest)
Personality:Cheerful and upbeat, naive and a bit brave but on occasion cowardly, honest
Bio:A young boy stuck 10 after he was transported to the realm of smash and resisted there with himself?! That's just weird. Anyways he likes to play alot and adventure. Curiosity is his only motivation
-Very fast runner
-Good jumper
-Pretty smart for a 10 year old
-Can talk like in the Zelda manga (🎶don't believe me just read OW!! 🎶😄)
-Can somehow carry infinite objects and change tunics in a flash (each with unique abilities)
-Can fit in small holes
-not as mature as many other Links
-Can sometimes be to reliant on items
-Sometimes cowerd when facing a very tough opponet but can man up
-Has a high voice and is sensitive to criticism (His fanbase isn't the nicest)
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Second Profile

Name: BigB St4tz2 (Stats)
Age: 24 or somewhere around that
Gender: Male
World of Origin: Minecraft
Main Weapon: Sharp Tipped Iron Sword
Secondary Weapon: bow
Likes: Cookies, Murder Mystery, his friends,
Dislikes: idk cheaters
Personality: cheerful, generous, easily panicked, smart, a bit cocky, helpful
Bio: BigB was just a normal Minecraftian of Blocksvile until he touched the Respawn Crystal. This gem allowed him to Respawn. He was sent to a strange new world where he meet new friends that he calls the Murder Mystery Crew. He goes on many adventures with them.
Abilities: Can Respawn 


BigB St4tz2

A Minecraftian is sitting under a blocky oak tree. Sharpening his iron sword. The sun's rays burst through the trees reflecting off of his sword. He smiles and continues to sharpen the sword
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