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This is the Kanto region! Right now, this is the only region!
Join a gym! You can quit your gym for the advent of a new region, so there is no downside to joining a city.

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So true

Hey guys can everyone post here when your teams are ready?

What's the update on this?

What's a good moveset for plusle in OU singles?

The Cerulean city gym leader has resigned. Does anyone want to take it?
When you comment, can you please also add in when you will normally be available? Thank you so much!

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The evolution of pokemon plot

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We surpassed 100 people!
Thank you so much for the tremendous support that all of you have been giving!

On a side note, can the gym leaders please comment the amount of members they have (not including themselves). From the sounds of it, we may be pretty close to being able to start!

Also, if your gym has enough members for now, you should plan a few battles (The 3-5 member ones) with other cities to see how it works and provide members with something to do in the mean times!

Hello! There are currently six gyms set up with their leaders, but to my knowledge, only two of them have members.
We need two more gym leaders, and we need at least three people in each city to start! I hope you all can find your way and have a lot of fun!
(The gym-less cities right now are Vermillion and Saffron).
If you like this idea, please redirect your friends to here. It will be very helpful! 
Thank you for all of your support!
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