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Hi , 
I wanted to let all of you know about some awesome technology related videos that are on YouTube and other sites. These are some of my favorites….you can learn a lot from these guys! So go check them out!

Eli the Computer Guy:

Harvard CS50:

Professor Messer:



Nicholas Andre:

Jeremy Blum:

The keyboard combo that is Control-Alt-Delete may have become iconic—but according to Bill Gates it was all just a big mistake.

Talking to the Harvard fundraising campaign, Gates admitted that the series of button presses was far from intentional:

It was a mistake... We could have had a single button, but the guy who did the IBM keyboard design didn't wanna give us our single button.
Indeed, responsibility for Ctrl-Alt-Delete rests with David Bradley, an engineer who worked on the original IBM PC. It's an enduring legacy, too; the button combo still works in Windows 8 to lock a PC or run Task Manager. Quite a long history for a mistake.

[Harvard via GeekWire via Verge]

Sorry for not posting lately but I been pretty busy..... but stay tuned in! Big stuff may be ahead!

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Hey, if you need to find out more about a certain technology definition
please check out this website! The company has been around for more than 30+ years.
I am going to have a video about this soon on my YouTube Channel. 

If anyone of you have anything to share, please share it below.

Hey need more keyboard shortcuts ... check this out


(1) An assembly language instruction that copies data from one location to another. See move and machine instruction.

(2) (MOVie) A QuickTime video file extension. See QuickTime.

(3) (Metal Oxide Varistor) A discrete electronic component that is commonly used to divert excess voltage to the ground and/or neutral lines. Acting like a pressure relief value, an MOV is made of zinc oxide with small quantities of bismuth, cobalt, manganese and other metal oxides. The MOV was introduced in Japan in the late 1960s and was also developed by GE in the 1970s. See surge suppression.
MOVs in a Surge Suppressor
The orange MOVs work in tandem to divert excess voltage from reaching the electrial outlets in this surge suppressor power strip.
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