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After registration, where you provide the email address of your sponsor:
You must send photocopies of their documents / passport or identification card and an invoice for telephone, water, or any other, where your address /
Upload it in your account, see photos
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You would like to get more image comparisons? Reach your payout target faster? Boost your daily provision?
With the purchase of additional miles you can bulk up your WhitePins+ mile account faster and uncomplicated..
Hereby you foreshorten the time in which you would like to reach your self-defined payout targets.
Your personal strategy decides which package applies you the best – employed at the right time your mile package will be worth while immediately and it will actively support you to increase your daily provision.
Our practical experiences, extensive test, together with a range of buyers verdicts confirm:
On average the mile package triples within 90 days!
As a general rule: diligence and cleverness will be awarded by the use of mile packages! The one who does his or her image comparisons daily, can double profit by additional mile packages!
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If someone will have problems during registration and will not fill all or will miss the opportunity to enter some indication, please change browser for other Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.
It should finally be able to make signing up for the project.
Do not forget to confirm after registration e-mail that will be sent, fill out all data in the account and upload required documents, so you can get bonusmeilen

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From the same IP address can not sign anyone else !!!!!!
Multiple accounts | Test your account
Your account has been set up for security checks to verify the status of the system. It was found that repeated multiple accounts from the same IP address from the tap. Under our conditions, only one of each user account, you must sign and it is not permissible for Ebens third parties to image comparison.
Now look at the day of the facts and check vehicle. If we need more information from you or we do not have questions, we will write to you again by mail. You can make your customer account completely normally use only payments during the review are not possible.
Beach is quick, no part of 14 days and may take some time testing is completed. There is no need to contact us by mail anschreibst. You will automatically receive mail from us, as soon as the results are available.
Thank you for your understanding.
Your WhitePins + service team

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Important Notification - please read!
Please use the Upload Form in your Customer Account at WhitePins+ to send us your Documents for the Verification of your Identity. You can upload your documents here or you can find the Uploadform under 'Edit my Profile' - 'Upload Documents'.
Please STOP sending us Documents via eMail!
We receive a lot of email with documents attached but missing information about the username or the account e-mail. It's combined with really great effort to check these documents. That's why we will only check uploaded documents from now on, if you have already sent your documents via e-mail, please upload them again.
Thank your for your patience!

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the photo are your registered people under you, green hooks mean that people have confirmed a verification e-mail, sent documents to verify and therefore for them credited bonusmeilen.
Those who are red, so everything has taken place yet, these people are not authenticated account and therefore not yet credited bonusmeilen

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Table when you will change daily reward

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Proof of payment to PayPal
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