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I just found this app and I am amazed of his potential, really I have not found any similar app for android that allowed this level of hud customization. I just wanted to congrat the developer and give a little tip: if supporting for iRacing and doing more realistic huds to import, would be a very very popular app, because it would be the only alternative to Z1 dashboard for android users

I really hope you have not abandoned this project and continue enjoying updates and new huds :)

Sorry for my bad english

Folks. I am a newbie on vdasg and trying to figure it out some issues I am having. Can anyone help?
I can connect to server on desktop using wireless option, but while playing it constantly disconnects. Does it happen to anyone else? Any solutions? Thanks

Hey Alex, quick question.....

I wanted to test the Project CARS 9.0 patch updates where they claim to finally have fixed the wheel button support in the UDP stream.

When I launched vDash, I went into settings to set it up, but found that the "Project CARS Controller Input" item is greyed out. Did I miss something? I know it was available at one point. Why can't I get into now?

hello im New in this Group. Sorry for my englisch is Not so good. I have a problem on my vdash on ps4. thé fuel gauche is correct in thé most car i have testet. but on the Renault rs01 the fuel is no correct. I put 20 l and the app say to me 15.5. I pot more fuel in thé car and the différence go bigger. have You à idée waht this is? thx for You help.

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Here is my custom dash :-)

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And another one :-)

Could someone, pretty please, explain me how can I import gauge template into Vdash?
What I would like to do is to import a gaugetemplate.jpg and use it as background and then add needles and info (this part I know how to do).
thx in advance 

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This is what I wanted to import

His guys/girls, I have added my dash under user dzidza1978. It's not yet finished, but I would appreciate any kind of feedback. I am still learning about the vdash possibilities :-)
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