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We have had an offer from ALT to move the EMLT WordPress blog to an domain. We would like to know from the community if you would like to do this or keep it as it is. The blog would be the same but just a different address.
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Annual Conference 2017: Call for Proposals now open

The 24th ALT Annual Conference takes place from 5 to 7 September 2017 in Liverpool. The theme this year is ‘Beyond islands of innovation – how Learning Technology became the new norm(al)’. The Conference is chaired by Peter Alston and Professor Helen O’Sullivan, both at the University of Liverpool.

The Call for Proposals is now open: You can view it as a Google Doc or download a PDF.

Conference themes:

- Empowerment in Learning Technology: supporting students through staff/student partnerships, students as influencers, developing skills and supporting staff at all levels;
- Learning Spaces: impact of Learning Technology on the physical and the virtual, strategies for enabling innovation, effectively managing change;
- Moving from the practical to the ‘publishable’: reporting from the forefront of innovation and research, policy and strategy fit (or not) for what’s ahead, sharing practice and scaling up Learning Technology through large scale institutional projects;
- At the forefront of innovation: ethical implications of ‘data’ for learning and teaching, making use of data in assessment, the hype around AI, machine learning and learning analytics and what’s beyond;
- Wildcard: you are free to contribute any aspect of your research, practice or policy work.

Key dates
Call for Proposals announced in early February 2017
Submission system opens in late February 2017
Webinars for potential authors: March 2017
Deadline for submissions is Midnight GMT, Monday 20 March 2017
Notification of acceptance: May 2017
Register to attend: May 2017
Webinar for accepted authors: August 2017

Proposals for different session formats:
You can submit proposals for one of the following:
- Posters (displayed in print and online)
- 5 minutes: Lightning talk, usually a presentation
- 20 minutes: presentation with time for questions or a brief discussion
- 40 minutes: research presentation, technical demonstration or discussion, all with an interactive element for participants
- 1 hour: workshop or panel discussion, fully interactive format.

Please see the full call for further information and guidance on how to submit your proposal.

Thank you,

and best wishes,

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We are going to skip the Winter meeting - time is against us in terms of oragnising something in short order. So we are turning our attention towards the Spring meeting.

With this in mind - we are looking for somewhere to host the Spring meeting, in April?

Please get in touch with Rob Weale ( ASAP if you might be able to host.?


Just in case there are some of you out there who were planning on coming to the winter meeting, but hadn't booked via eventbrite. . .

The number of bookings for the EMLT session scheduled for Monday 19th December at Loughborough College is quite low. Such that it is not enough to run the planned Enigma event.

Given this, and the lack of time available to plan an alternative session - the decision has been made to postpone the session until the new year.

Apologies and Season's Greetings.

Rob Weale

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Reminder: Winter meeting. December 19th. Loughborough College.
Info at:

We are looking for somewhere to host the Winter EMLT meeting, in December. Please get in touch with Rob Weale ( ASAP if you might be able to host.

Apologies. I've signed up for the next meeting, but I've now been asked to cover for a member of staff so won't be able to make it. Hope to make the next one.

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The venue for the Late Summer meeting is:

The Vaughan Parry Williams Sports Pavilion
University Boulevard

It is located on the Highfields area of the map and is on the opposite side of University Boulevard to the main University Park


The tram stops at University Boulevard (from Nottingham Station, or one of the Park & Rides off the M1).

Indigo buses

Parking is free


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A Reminder that our late summer meeting is taking place on August 24th at the University of Nottingham.

Presentation proposals are welcomed:

As well as suggestions for discussion starters:
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