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Name: Minty

Age: 26

Role: Caretaker

Origin: She found the woodland mansion and decided to restore and turn it into a foster home.

Personality: Sweet, open minded, peaceful

Appearance: long wavy brown hair to about her knees, brown eyes, suntan skin. Wears a pink shirt, mint green skirt, demin jacket and a peace sign pin.

+Minty FloresBaby Matt is in the cage for long time after get caught by an unknownnperson and was used for sale

Any one want to rp?

It was just another day at the Woodland Care Center when Stampy arrived with a sleeping baby

*if anyone wanna roleplay xp :
Baby me was in a boat with a bloody stained blanket oh him

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Name: Crystal
Age: 14
Role: Orphan
Origin: Ran away from home at age of 6 due to parents always fighting
Personality: Kind, Protective, Energetic, serious when needed
Appearance: Long Blue hair up to mid-thighs, Red eyes, werewolf ears and tail, purple t-shirt with a lighter shade strip at ends, black shorts, black high top shoes, and black gloves
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