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Name: Emma Heart
Cp name: Love
Weapon: none she Hypnotize's them to Commit Suicide
Master: SlenderWoman
Bio: Master is Slenderman,is 19,is the newest proxy,She Killed her family aka her brother mother and father cause they all were afraid of her
Crush: Jeff the killer
Hobbies: Listening to music'Killing'singing'Writing poetry and Playing Roblox.
Dislike's: Ben drowned cause he's a Pervert.Laughing Cause he call's Her a freak.
Like's: Unknown
(Has No Idea Who Zalgo is)

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Name: Haley Ray
CP Name: Comet
age: 16
Weapon(s): Hatchet, whip, katana
Master (if any): Slenderman
Bio: The proxy of Slenderman. She killed her stepfather after he gave her a permanent blue scar that goes over her left eye.
Crush(if any): Ticci Toby
Hobbies: killing, eating cheesecake and waffles, playing guitar and piano
likes: Almost everyone
Dislikes: Zalgo
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