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To a place,
Where hearts roam,
Thoughts lost in the distance,
From reality,
And the things,
She does to me,
Another beautiful madness,
Confined by unintentional sadness!

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2/9/16 : 1pm

Adrift in a beautiful madness,
Surrounded by heart breaks,
My heart aches,
Searching for bliss,
Not sadness,
Because the absence,
Of your affection,
Runs deep,
Without protection,
No regression,
Just progression,
Towards my destiny
Knowing what's best for me,
I continue down my path,
Abstaining negativity,

Still feeling disdained,
I console my emotions,
Because the notion,
Is devotion,
Driven by love's hypnotic potion,
Yet not to be confused,
Nor used
With abysmal intentions,
Just embrace,
Love's inventions,
Some may seem chaotic,
But behind its logic,
Steams a positive product!

So with that being said,
I lay my head,
Resting eyes,
Evading demise,
Whilst grasping love's threads!

Written by:
Aric K. Brandon Jr.

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