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Every fanbase of a game in a nutshell.
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Meanwhile in PinkSheep house everyone realized that he's a fucking faggot and a terrorist. He was now obsessed with cringy minecraft Shit and with nuclear bombs.

And then he got kicked off from the Internet

Mlg is cancer
PinkSheep is gay
Minecraft sucks


Rottenfish rule
Battlefield good
and Countryballs better
Meanwhile in WhoTheHeck IsTomothy's house, he got killed by an Ender Dragon due to the amounts of nukes, explosions, bleach and 50 billion illuminaties. His soul will be destroyed by the Ender Dragon.´╗┐
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found one of his communitys raid if you want

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Absolutely Rararararacist.
Fuck the non english members.

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Lol blocking people can't work.

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minecraft is only good if you ignore the fanbase (cough PinkSheep Fan cough) and the youtubers (excluding ethoslab and paulsoaresjr)

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Haters are better than the Minecraft.
Minecraft is better than the haters.

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Meanwhile at Pink Sheep fags house...

Pink Sheep fag is fucking a anthro sexualized pink sheep enderdragon hybrid with a nuke for a head body pillow with his nuke shaped dick while going on his computer and getting roasted. Then he started screaming at the monitor "IM GONNA NUKE YOUUU" He cried. and then his mother got worried and checked on him. discovering the the body pillow and pink sheep fag fucking it. She got into pink sheep fags closet and got a belt. "NO NOT THE BELT MOM YOU MOTHERFUCKER I WILL NUUUUUKKKKEEERE YOUUUUUUH" cried pink sheep fag . Then the series of justice began SMACK "FUUCK YOUU MOM" he yelled SMACK

Pink sheep fag got sold to a 47 year old geezer as punishment. And he was never heard from again´╗┐
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