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Being born poor remain poor is to die

Shakira popesinger reputation around the world. Not just as a singer, song, dance presented with his reputation enhanced infinitely. In February 1977, the renowned singer was born in Colombia. 2 7 February 2011,he spoke at Harvard University.
Thanks to all the wonderful, warm reception. I could have paid his education at the age of 15. In addition to a course on the history of the University of California classrooms never been extended to the feet. So today I called his mother left foot on the border of Harvard, I'm the mother of Harvard! "Just for one day, it is not small!
I was born in a developing country. Sadly, millions of children trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty from childhood not to be crossed, and thus spend the rest of their lives. When I grew up in Colombia, South America, then all I saw with my own eyes. I took over the whole of the developing world, which is what most people think, if someone was born poor, but the poor will continue to be put to death.
My eyes popped clear days growing up in Colombia baranakiiyaya. I have seen the impossible gifted and talented in many infants and children. But they were on the road, there was no hope for their future. In fact, there was not anything at all to say that the future of their lives! I do not see this as a kid was upset, he was more than angry. Then I realized, that solutions to these problems. If you try to change the fate of conviction. The world will be difficult to ensure education for all, particularly the influence of political leaders and culture overhaul. But it is not impossible.
Come, let us go ahead courageously and bound book. Our ideas, intelligence, manpower there. The government has the resources and enthusiasm of young people there. We can not. If we want to make the world free from poverty, education for all is to ensure that the most effective way. 0 million children are still excluded from education. The consequences of hunger, violence, discrimination, war. The only education can ensure the release. This is the best strategy for peace around the world. Why are we sitting then?
0 million and 0 million children deprived from education funds to develop their full talent to shut forever the way. These children could be the future scientists, teachers could be, could be artists, doctors were able to serve millions of people. Maybe the world is used instead of the children. I dream of a world where the future of the world's underprivileged children get access to education and development will lead to large, will take up the whole world.
I believe in humanity. The ability to believe in the infinite. I believe in our possibilities, we use very little. There is still much left to do.
However, if the government will not impose. Numerous children, where every day is going to fall, the bureaucratic difficulties do not have to waste a moment. Millions of children are cut off from mainstream society, there is no scope to develop their talent. So it should come forward prratikare society initiatives.
The question may arise in your mind, what is the reason so much enthusiasm about education? I know very well, a little investment in education and how one's life can change radically. I am 18 years old, Colombia 'Barefoot' as a foundation to build. We've been working there for more than 14 years. Poor impossible, in some areas, full of violence, we're going to school, working with families are broken. Established the advantages of our modern family of six for 30 to help the schools give the opportunity to give their children education. A total of six thousand students in our schools are nutritious meal. This is a model, which has become the heart of an area.
This initiative is just two dollars a day I learned how to change a child's life. If so, the child would have to join the military, they have been admitted to the College by the end of the school day. Our heart is filled with pride when I hear a student in our school gets the highest marks in the examination. Something that could not be imagined a few years ago. We have learned from our own experience, if you want to change. To see with my own eyes, I know it's possible. We work with the government. But in the last few years, I understand how important private enterprise. When school started in the private sector, the government is compelled to come forward. So if ordinary citizens come forward, and it is possible to influence political leaders.
If we encourage the new generation, they are more enthusiastic then, becomes an entrepreneur.
The world has become much smaller now, and now we are all members of the same society. Bangladesh, or any country in Latin America, if a child goes to bed hungry, the United States of immigrant parents, a child can not go to school, but the responsibility of all of us.
To ensure access to education for children around the world is the first step to change. For your hands will change. Explore the world, find themselves in front of potential. Build a new society.
Remember, now is the time.
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