Do you like to write, have something to say AND are a role player? Then Roleplay Guide Magazine is looking for you!

We are looking for experienced writers to take on regular columns on topics such as Realm Reviews (reviews of sims), Effective Character Building (including the power of back stories and character sheets), Character Styling (where do you get those awesome accessories) and more.

Please contact us by email at Give us your name, your RP realm (including what platform, such as Second Life or OSGrid, etc), tell us a bit about your experience and give us a 300 to 500 word sample of your first article idea (include title).

NOTE: Starting with the June 2015 issue, we will be published as its own section within Nu Vibez Magazine, thus broadening the readership of both publications and offering our readers an exciting, well rounded publication chock full of information from role play topics to RL topics, from tech to fashion and more.  

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Name: Private Ash Darnell
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 6'4''
Appearance (Armored): 1st pic
Appearance (Unarmored): 2nd pic, just slightly creepier
Personality: Antisocial and cold to strangers and enemies
Weapon: 3rd pic
Powers: None, just a human
Bio: As a young girl, my parents were murdered and I ran away into the forest. I stole food and committed crimes just to live. When I turned 11 I found a cottage in a small village. I trained hard and became a street fighter. I fought dozens of people, each time I won. I moved from place to place. When I was 15, I was told if I could hold a grown man over my head and throw him a mile away, I could go into an academy for army men, when I did I got in. I fought and trained for years and years, but never stopped fighting in the streets. But when I turned 18, I was kidnapped and taken to an academy. An academy for gifted humans.
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I walk through the Forrest, armored up, my gun in my hip holster

Yawns are Biotics Necessary?

Well, that was weird    *I think to myself*

I practise fire on holographic rotating targets in a field with my N7 typhoon

Yawns This place looks Nice.

Huh... nice

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Name: Private First Class Richard Jackson
Age: 19
Height: 6'1"
Gender: Male
Academy designation: Hunter
Appearance with armor: first three pics
Appearance without armor: fourth pic
Weapon: Last pic
Powers/abilities: when armor is on, is faster, stronger, can go longer, and has a regenerating shield
Personality: semi formal, but short tempered
Bio: was born in Germany pre World War Two and fought for the German army. Was not a nazi but was forced to join the army. Went into an unexplainable time stasis after his capture, by allied forces. He changed his name after getting out of the stasis, and doesn't talk about his past.
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Name: Jace Brody
Academy designation: Joker
Age: 18
Height: 6'4
Appearance: (Armored) Right pic
Appearance: (Unarmored) Left pic
personality: WIsecracking, Sarcastic
Weapons:N7 typhoon, M3 predator
Abilities: Biotic
Bio: His family are a long line of war veterans, and when they heard of the academy, they sent their son(moi) to it, hoping to turn him into a military man like the rest of his family
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Name: Gracktal
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Personality: A bit intimidating at first, but eventually grows to be a kind and protecting person.
Abilities: He has a high strength due to the armor. His only natural talents are the arts of the sword and chemistry.
Appearance: First photo, Alien armored. Second photo, without armor.
Bio: Gracktal was a human who was lost on an alien planet called Helios. The aliens took him in as their own and taught him the ways of their tribe. He entered the academy already equipped with alien tech.
((Barely played Mass Effect. Just hope this counts.))
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