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Name:  Aiden Slager
Gender:  male
Age:  18
Appearance:  see pic
Supernatural component: alien/future tech
Team:  mine
Position in team:  all of them
City of origin:  Grand Rapids, MI
Skills:  combat, stealth, tracking 
Bio:  I grew up in Michigan. When I was 15, I found a time traveling device, which I used to get future tech and weapons galore. I now do a lot of traveling for my work as an inventor.
Other: I have a pack that stores all of my equipment via atomic compression, and turns into a suit of augmentation armor.
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Why is soos a bad guy?

Hello guys I'm new here.

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I am new in town I just got a job you want
To meet me ((open rp))
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It'sq all come together me dipper mabel Soos and Wendy have found the author but I'm gonna find other stuff ((open rp))

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"Greettings to all of you, and prepare to bow, for I am Pram! Oracle of Gravity Falls!"

Name: Pram Pugelmis
Age: 14
Race: Human psuedo demon


Occupation: Oracle

Personality: Demanding, sweet, short tempered, a little vain, kind,caring

Symbol: Lioness, which describes her personality, as she can start out sweet at first, but can on her bad side, and she'll bit you quickly.

Likes: boys, books, vidoegames, napping, watching TV.
Dislikes: Boredom, loud noises, loneliness

Alignment: Good

Backpack: Whit and red, like Prams dress

Skills: Quick thinking, problem solving, high IQ, quick reflexes, speed reader,creative thinker.

Powers/supernatural components:

Sorcery: Using her sacred tome, Pram can use spells and magic on opponents.

controls ice:
Her natural power from the soul of Kemotha is control over ice, as Pram can freeze her surroundinggs and enemies. She can also, hit her enemies with ice spears, physical ice punches, and summon her own ice giants. She can freeze things with her breath or touch, and even with her kiss, she can give a person frost bite if she wants it to. She can even cause somewhat strong blizzards.

She can use her white wings for flight.

Sacred Tome:
Allows her to use magic and spells to attack by reading spells on enemies. The tome was given to her by her father, the original oracle before her. Other than using spells, the tome can be customized to Prams liking, as she can right her own types of spells and summonings. The sacred tome can also capture souls and store them as items called absent sillouhets that when released temporarily summon a warrior from the dead to fight for the holder of the book.

Kemotha Pram:
When the chains on Prams wrist are broken they will become red puffs at the end of her wrists, she will be overcome by the power of the terrifying frost demon Kemotha, who sought out to freeze all things in the universe, even her own kind. When Pram is overtaken, her physical appearance changes as her hands become white paws with black claws and the same with her feet, her dress becomes less puffy, and decreases in size greatly, becoming like a nightgown. In this form, Pram is wicked and chaotic, freezing everything in her path without mercy causing blizzards capable of putting whole cities into a ice age.

Bio: Pram is the only child and daughter of the Oracle Of Gravity Falls, Paul Pulgemis, who has now recently been deceased for about year now, dead from a mysterious sickness that struck him shortly after the 13nth birthday of his daughter, Pram. Shortly after his death, Pram earned her fathers sacred tome a item passed down through the Oracles of the Pulgemis family, said to allow them to perform magic spells and summoning spells. When Pram was born, a frost demon, a dangerous creature named Kemotha who seeked to freeze all of creation, even her own kind was sealed within Pram to put her away forever, and as a fail safe, enchanted chains were put on Pram to keep the demon locked within her. Because of the demon within her, Prams appearance changed dramatically. For example, her hair turned white as snow, her eyes became red as blood, and her nails became sharper and dark as night, and even grew wings like a demons allowing flight, she also gained the ability to control ice from Kemotha. Pram however became beautiful from this change as she was gorgeous in the eyes of those around her, however, this arose a jealousy and hatred and shunning of Pram that led her own family to believe Pram was a cursed, and brought bad luck around and as a result Pram was left alone completely after her father died. She currently is trying to serve her job as Oracle, and is currently having a hard time.
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Name: Emma Cipher / Pines

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Appearance: long blonde hair that reaches her hips (one side is very spiky, while the other is normal), one brown eye, one Cipher eye, tall, thin.

Ability's: Mastered the arts of Jujitsu, Ninjutsu, and Judo in a few weeks, good with long range and hand to hand combat.

Supernatural: Half Cipher. Because of this, her abilities are focused around mostly mind and mental manipulation.Like her father, Emma can enter people's minds through their dreams. She also has the ability to remove souls from their bodies, and take possession of the body afterwards, but this is one ability she hasn't mastered.

Team: Unknown

City of origin: Gravity Falls, Oregon. 

Skills: Mastery of Ninjutsu, Jujitsu, and Judo, can remove people from their bodies and take control afterwards.

Bio: She used to live with Dipper and Mabel Pines as their second sibling. Dipper had struck a deal with Bill: One of his siblings in exchange for the laptop password. Dipper, fearing for Mabel’s life, tossed Emma in as Mabel’s substitute. Bill saw how powerful she was, and raised her to be a fighter. She doesn’t really trust people.

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My OC! Can I use her?

Age: 15
Species: Mortal
Appearance: (See Picture)
Abilities: Sword skills, hand-to-hand combat, intelligence, a bit of magic, but mostly weaponry
Side: Unknown. She might even be controlled by a Cipher, but no one knows.
Bio: Elsya is a true mortal who was introduced to the mysteries of Gravity Falls when her mother dies and she moves in with her last relative, her aunt. The Pines were apparently in her school before they permanently left to Gravity Falls, but they never really got along. When Dipper discovers that Elsya might actually hold the key to ultimate power, he and Mabel are forced to befriend her and keep her from being used by someone else.

Wait, this might be random, and I'll delete it if it's irrelevant, but are Mabel and Dipper good are bad in this?
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