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Bio:Mew is a character in Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future. She joins the GG's in Jet Grind Radio after the player proves his/her skill by doing a few tricks

In Jetto Setto Rajio! (JP V.1) Bis's Rival battle takes place in the Factory Ruins of Kogane-Cho, unlike in JSR DX (JP "EU/US"), shes in Benten Cho.

In Jet Set Radio Future, she is unlocked in Rokkaku-dai Heights, again by following her and copying what she does.

In the Jet Set Radio character select screen she can be seen sitting on top of the stereo speakers.

[Appearance: Mew seems to favour the colour blue or mint, as it is an essential part of her wardrobe. In Jet Set Radio, she wears a knee length light blue, long sleeved dress, trimmed with pale blue fur at the collar, end of the sleeves, and the hem. She wears striped stockings with the same colour scheme as her dress, and blue skates with red markings, and pale blue wheels. Her hair is blue and straight, with an angular cut, and she wears square grey headphones with antennae sticking up. She also wears blue lipstick, and her name is written in katakana vertically on her chest.]

[In Jet Set Radio Future her apparel has changed very much from the first game, and she has oddly gotten significantly taller. She retains her blue hair, her headphones, and her blue lip colour,but her outfit is a lot racier: a light blue backless dress with a high collar, with a thin strapped bra with red and grey cups on the outside. The hem is a darker blue grey, above which her name is written in contrasting blue katakana. On her arms, she wears full length, loose transparent sleeves tightened around her biceps, with a black and yellow wristband on her left wrist. Her panties are a pale blue, and her stockings have been replaced by blue and blue-grey knee socks. Her skates, trimmed with white fur, are predominantly aqua coloured, with light blue markings, blue grey, and a bit of yellow. There are black and white striped spikes on the heels, and the wheels are black and yellow.]

THEME SONG (JSR) - Castle Logical - Mischievous Boy

Power - Slightly Average

Technique - Very High

Graffiti - High |||| Graffiti - Very High (JAPAN)

Can Capacity - 20 CANS

Spray Style - Moderate

Handle - Moderate/Loose

Weight: Light (Moves Fast, More Air)


Jet Set Radio Future
Stamina Above Average
G-Stamina Average
Spray Cans 30 Cans
Graffiti Very High*
Acceleration Average
Cornering Above Average
Grind Very High*

The asterisk (*) denotes this character's highest skills.

[Trivia: In JSRF if you talk to Rhyth at the Garage at a certain point in time she will mention that she likes to collect Golden Rhino pins.
At points when you talk to her as Beat, she will tell you that you "smell weird."
Right after she joins the GG's. if you play as her and talk to Yoyo, he will act flustered, suggesting that he may have a crush on her.
She appears on the Graffiti City stage in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Hovewer, She wears her Jet Set Radio Future ouftit, instead of her Jet Set/Grind Radio ouftit like Beat and Gum.]
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Nickname: "Flame",because she leaves flames where ever she skates.

Age:...why do you wanna know?!


Species:Antromorphic Cat.

Abilities:Pyrokinesis,skating skills,acrobatic.

Likes:Spraying Graffiti's, her flames,living free on the street.

Dislikes:Wet places,cold places,the Police.

Bio:She lived in the big and pretty palace of the Sol Dimension. But that life was so boring. Then,a portal opened one night,and she passed it. Blaze woke up,on the streets of an unknown universe. She got kidnapped,and escaped quickly using her powers. But she had nowhere to stay,so she went around,and learned a lot...and then,she discovered she was pretty good at fleeing from the police,her acrobatics helped.
And long story short,now she lives on the streets,and she sprays graffiti and sometimes steals some simple stuff from passing people.

(Went back to Blaze....and got le pics from Shade/Gum ewe eue)
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Sat in the HQ of the robots,together with +Shadow Android
Hey Shatz. Got any ideas?

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Name:Shade Android.

Model Nr: 1 1 5

Line of Production:Normal,got upgraded in the Golden Production

Abilities:Absorbing weapons,Self repair,Super Speed,limited use of Chaos Energy
Weapons absorbed:
-Machine Gun
-Laser Cannon

~After she was almost destroyed,Unit 1 1 5 got fixed and repaired,and even a remodeling. Now she looks once again like Shade,and not even her eyes give her away anymore. She is more dangerous than ever,and only her part of the programming hinders her from Going crazy and attacking anybody. But still:Her objective,to kill Shade,still lurks in the deep parts of her robotic could be activated by just an little hacking pling.~
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Weapons of choice:ironboots
Ability's:Flying,kicking,digging with feet.being sneaky,stealing jewels
Rouges genderbender
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Name:Shadow Robotnik.
Weapons of choice:Guns.
Abilitys:sense and locate Chaos Energy
Attacks:Chaos Spear,Chaos Blast,Chaos Control. Chaos Heal,using Chaos Energy to heal wounds in a battle.
Weaknesses:He is pretty strong,but he doesnt use all of his strengh. He rather walk away and leave an opponent injured,as to deliver the final blow.

More infos:He also is pretty easy to manipulate so he thinks he is worthless,due to his Depression. Thats why he loves to drown his sorrow in alcohol.
So he is an alcoholic and a little suicidal.
But if there is a goal,he will do everything so others can reach it.
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Name:Shadi the Shade Android.
Age:11 (created on the first september 2004).
gender:programmed as a female.
Weapons of choice: Absorbed Flamethrower.
Abilitys:Absorb any weapon and use them.
Weaknesses: She overheats quickly,her feelings get hurt easily and she has Feelings for +Shadow Android™.
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gender:/if robot;what gender are you programmed as?
Weapons of choice?

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