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Welcome, user.

Hello, and welcome to the official Syndicate Nation Google+ community. There are three ways of joining the clan.

1) Join this community.

2) Come to our Discord Server and ask if you could join (link found under About Community).

3) Come to our Discord Server with the official clan tag on, which is: ༺ψ༻

We have no requirements for joining, at least as of now. No testing needed

If you have any questions pertaining to Syndicate, feel free to make a new post.

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Hi Syndicate, I was wondering if I could join your clan! I am almost level 30 On and I know The following splits : Tricksplit, Cannonsplit, Popsplit, Splitrunning, Realtiming, And others, I also do Cinema4D/PhotoshopCS6 Designing, And I do Sony vegas editing and I'm really good at both, I have discord Twitter Instagram Youtube Skype etc... Thanks for reading, Give me a response back! ;)

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who wants to know a great server? the server is
my scores a shared are from

I was wondering if I could join the clan?

I am giving away my level 61 account on my YouTube channel, but have a backup level 25 account. I'm reasonably good at splitrunning and can play for maybe half and hour on weekdays, and a LOT more on days I'm alone. 

I would like to join the clan because I'm normally a solo player and having a unified team that I personally know will help both ends. 

Thank you for considering me!


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Whats up? I'm back! and i was juts wondering if i can Be leader of Ember but be in Syndicate at the same time!

Um why am i not on the staff list ;-; like wtf (champ)

Sect I've been thinking of going back to syndicate ...I would like to join back I left prim cuz clan is dead if u want me back send me a msg and unban me from syn plz.

Please join TW Ranger.

LOL im gonna be in 3 clans.
anyway,im not betraying my other clan. I WANNA JOIN ALL OF THEM
im foxtail
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