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Your "About" page is important. It conveys your style and builds trust!  Here are some ideas for inspiration.

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If you are trying to figure out the benefits of Google+ for your business,  this post by +Reginald Chan might convince you! 

Join and participate in communities
Pitch the post
Use hashtags

These are just some examples. Reginald's posts provides helpful how-tos! 

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Looking for an easy way to share the valuable content you find and share with your followers across different social platforms? 

Why not create a +Rebel Mouse page? 

Here's the one I created (in minutes) for #smallbiz  

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Tools to help you make the most of your Facebook tabs. Via +HarshAjmera:

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We all need images and graphics for our blogs. +Laura Roeder provides her inside secrets to creating images!  Will you try any of these?

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First impressions count! So should your Twitter bio.

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How to Create a Stellar Online Book Tour

You thought that writing your book was going to be hard work, right? Well, the work begins when you publish.

Whether you are a traditionally published author, hybrid author or independently self-publishing, you will need to market your book and online is the place to do it. Social media marketing is the hip version of the old book tours where authors trekked from city to city selling their books. Today, publishers don’t have the budget and only the biggest authors get this treatment. Have no fear, you can recreate this with less money and some elbow grease. How you ask?

Be ready to work HARD

Build your own buzz

Create a media blitz

Share your adventure

Make a media kit

A book launch is a marathon not a sprint and doesn’t stop the day after your book is released. Invest the time in your social media marketing to create an interesting presence.

Lots of actionable tips on the full article.

Read it now

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